HYIP is short for high yield investment programs. You can get profitable returns here in short time, but at the same time, you may lose all or part of your capital at any time without warning. So only play with your spare money and don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. Before investment, you should know rules below:

1. The smaller your investment is, the lower risk you will take. Because most HYIPs will choose selective payout only to smaller withdrawals, especially when they plan to close the projects.

2. Have enough experience to choose high quality programs according to their website templates, certificates types, investment plans, videos and so on.

3. Check paying status from all hyip monitors websites before joining, such as www.hyiplisters.com, www.allmonitors.net, www.hyiplogs.com, www.allhyipmonitors.com and so on.

4. Don't always reinvest your profits or principals, because most investors lose money because of reinvestment, this is punishment for greed.

5. Never invest HYIPs whose daily net profit is higher than 10%, excluding principal after one investment cycle.

You are the only person who should be responsible for your money, so be sure that you know the rules above clearly before investment.