Listing Price:* $300 ( $200 will be invest back)
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Payment:* Perfect Money    BTC Coin

Hello, admin. We have added more useful services for hyip programs, welcome to buy listing on my monitor, we will do what we say below and have a nice cooperation between us:

  1. Write review and news on my website
  2. Post review in Reddit, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Quora, Pinterest
  3. Create a video review and upload to Youtube
  4. Create topics and post payment proof in 30+ forums
  5. Post payment proof into AHM, hyiplogs, ISP, allhyipdata, allmonitors24, hyipmonitors24, allhyipmonu
  6. Rate and comment on investors-protect.com
  7. Post program in my personal Twitter, Telegram, VK, Facebook
  8. Post program and payment proof into 5 Facebook groups
  9. 728px top banner for 2 weeks
  10. 125px banner for 4 weeks
  11. 728px banner under article page until next program comes
  12. 728px bottom banner on homepage until next program comes

Notice: You can also send money to account below and leave a message to admin@hyiper.net

PerfectMoney: U3869878
Payeer: P4192826
Bitcoin: 1NekBxxvVPjMDYZ2DQYHuWffW51pfQGDq7
AdvCash: admin@hyiplisters.com
Litecoin: LQGVnwV6maTWwMdv6gpiVRDJWQvXmQJFqj
Ethereum: 0x845ca8b8251ce3086f3e32cc763d75b4c87a31e2