Btcjet.io Review: 4.32% daily for termless

Hello, dear HYIP investors. This article will introduce Btcjet.io which provides a medium term investment plan, and you can earn profit every minute. It started on 30th Oct 2019. Admin bought Standard listing on my website yesterday. My two withdrawal requests were processed successfully into my BTC wallet. Now let me write its review in details.

Already scam, don't invest!

Investment Plans

The minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC(0.027 ETH or 1500 Doge), and you will earn 4.32% profit daily. Profit is added every 60 seconds. Your deposit works for lifetime until you withdraw it. To withdraw the initial deposit, you should pay 15% fee. So I think you should keep your deposit active for at least 5 days to guarantee your net profit. Of course, the longer your deposit remains, the more profit you will get.

Referral Commission

Btcjet.io offers 7% referral commissions for its promoters. If you join under my link, welcome to submit your RCB request on top menu and you will get 7% of your deposit back once I withdraw it to my wallet. For more details, please read our RCB rules.

Payment Options

Btcjet.io accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin as the payment gateways.

Withdrawal Type

All your withdrawal requests will be processed manually within 30 minutes. The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.0005 BTC. Btcjet.io doesn't charge any additional commissions for profit withdrawals. The fee for deposit withdrawal is 15%.

Listing Type: Standard($250)

More Information

Btcjet.io designed an original template for their website. Admin bought EVSSL and company certificates for its project, including UK and Hong Kong company legal certificates. You can find the two certificates in the "Limits" page at their footer menu.

For now, their website supports 6 languages and you can choose the one which is suitable for you.

If you want to see your history statistics of withdrawals. Then login your account and click the "STATISTICS" button on top menu, it will show you all the withdrawal data with crypto HashID.

For Btcjet.io, I just write here. If you have valuable opinions or payment proofs, then welcome to comment here, I am always glad to see you.

Program Latest Updates

6th Oct 2019: Just as promised two days ago, admin bought 1920px top banner today, this is a trusted admin, thanks for support my business.

12th Nov 2019: New cryptocurrency(Dash) and Russian language were added

DASH Min Deposit is 1500.00000 

DASH Min Profit to withdraw is 200.00000 

DASH Min Deposit to withdraw is 200.00000

15th Nov 2019: It stopped paying, don't invest any more. Paid for 15 days online.

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  1. MariahemilsI hate them beyond words. They mugged me and misbehaved when I contacted their supporting agents. That’s when I narrate the ordeal to my professor and he referred me to (Www. recoverasset fast . com). I finally got my money back. Highly recommended.
    • hyiperBtcjet.io stopped paying, don't invest any more. Paid for 15 days online.
      • hyiperBtcjet.io added New cryptocurrency(Dash) and Russian language.
        • hyiperJust as promised two days ago, Btcjet.io admin bought 1920px top banner today, this is a trusted admin, thanks for support my business.
          • hyiperPayout 200 doge pending 24 hours, deposit payout 2550 doge pending too. admin has not replied to my message. scam
            • hyiperpayout 200 doge pending 2 hours
              • hyiperHello! my account https://btcjet.io/ JET7418-3617 I wrote to the administrator many times, he answered that I wait 72 hours! I waiting 72 hours and Admin NOT PAY ME!!! I ask to put a SCAM!!! https://imgur.com/nI90D3s https://imgur.com/VfIaeI1
                • hyiper0.0011 BTC withdrawal request received fast, thanks admin: b6d94485cb41d8e8c989ec0274d089cbee5439b058b7deebae93bdc187d53c49
                  • hyiper0.00123 BTC withdrawal request received fast, thanks admin: d7ed5a09711ceab81821ba688ea5abbfc30a670d14f83f31ad0e5246fe4617cc
                    • hyiper0.00121 BTC withdrawal request processed fast, thanks admin: 9f3c72195af360449cb236f8a2f1dcfaac03b16b3da9ccb8639435b01bc65d43
                      • hyiperContributed 10 $ in 11-11 04:06 PerfectMoney Deposit 10.00
                        • hyiper9.71 dollars BTC withdrawal request received, thanks admin: bdda90b5b67d028d15071df6829878cf10010c8136cc638b373de95138036828
                          • hyiper11.64 dollars BITCOIN withdrawal received, thanks admin: 0b15eb6810b1db53de04eae5a819096802908462004a4967c06d75575c7354c6
                            • hyiper12.08 dollars BITCOIN withdrawal request received, thanks admin: ea8848423c92c57699247f1dd3cf4b60f2839ad82688d06827d74d91d226fc1b
                              • hyiperThe amount of 7 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U19566343->U3869878. Memo: API Payment.. Date: 00:31 08.11.19. Batch: 288616841
                                • hyiper9.37 dollars Bitcoin withdrawal request received fast, thanks admin: a0dc49417a2f8676ab1ba8dd9f3273233d466b60c0c69d4bf810ee3ed89fa97b