Nodemart.io Review: earn 1.2% daily for 52 days and principal back

Nodemart.io is an HYIP project which provides medium and long term investment plans. It started on 1st Nov 2019. The admin bought Premium listing on my website yesterday. I just submitted my first withdrawal request this morning. Now let me introduce it in details.

Investment Plans

  1. Invest 1-500 dollars, earn 1.07% daily for 27 days and principal back
  2. Invest 50-1280 dollars, earn 1.2% daily for 52 days and principal back
  3. Invest 524-52400 dollars, earn 380% after 39 days
  4. Invest 2500-250000 dollars, earn 1350% after 47 days

These are all the plans Nodemart.io offers. In my view, I only suggest the first and second plans because the net profit percentage is in normal range. As for the third and fourth plans, I never take part in, because there is no daily profit for me to withdraw before deposit expires, what's more, they provide exaggerated profits which already exceed the normal range in HYIP industry. So only participate in the first two plans.

Referral Commission

Nodemart.io offers three level referral commissions, it is 7%, 3% and 2%. If you join under my link, then welcome to submit your RCB request on top menu of my website. You will get back 7% of your deposit amount.

Payment Options

Nodemart.io supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dash and Dogecoin.

Withdrawal Type

Funds are usually available in your wallet within 24 business hours from time of request. Working Hours are: 8:00AM - 5:30PM. Minimum withdrawal amount is 10 dollars.

Listing Type: Standard($250)

Register: https://nodemart.io/r/0s2qag

More Information

Nodemart.io runs its website on an original designed template. Currently, the admin only bought listing on one monitor——Hyiper.net. From its FAQ page, we can't find important information, such as withdrawal method, the minimum withdrawal amount, referral mechanism and...So I just write so much. But don't worry, I will replenish when the content is available on their website, don't forget to follow my article and leave your valuable comments below.

Program Latest Update

03rd Nov 2019: FAQ page updated, withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 business hours and minimum withdrawal amount is 10 dollars.

04th Nov 2019: Today I found that my BTC wallet was changed into stranger's, so my first withdrawal went into hacker's wallet. I think admin should find ways to strengthen their network security for investors.

04th Nov 2019: Admin made a compensation for my lost withdrawal. What's more, he locked the function of changing wallets, if you want to change your wallets, you can only contact the admin for help, so that hackers can steal nothing in the future and our money is safe.

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  1. Hyiper 17.29 dollars BTC withdrawal request received, thanks admin: c84b13ae6567d95d3360f9400fa6ac32acc581ad53dec3ee0baedcd8e73abda0
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  6. Hyiper 18 dollars withdrawal request received from Bitcoin, thanks admin: 02b534208ff874713ec8dee9f4a919201af0e5f4f346b62b1fdcc25547670d54
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