News of unitex-capital.com from promotion leader

Unitex-capital.com was confirmed to be scam 5 days ago, it is sad that almost all investors lost money here because of their fast scam action. Today, I saw a piece of news of unitex-capital.com from a promotion leader. I just copied the content for you:

Sorry for Unitex, we have lost much here, The topest leader is @Marco_Bonetti ,He is the company offical, but he said not. Our big team have good flows in Unitex, About 300K team structure, I was invest about 9.3K in Unitex, Apri 23rd, we found all of our team can't withdraw, I ask website support,They said, “Hi my friend, they now have problems with the payment module, they are reconfiguring it.Yes, everything works perfectly well!”

But April 24th, when we wake up, we found our accts can't enter, I asked their website support, @Marco_Bonetti ,email, telephone, They didn't answer me and my team, But they told others(Vietnam team under Marco and empty leader accts) that we break the rules, excatly, This is just a excuse,the offical can't  have enough money in their wallet, We  preparing work for a long time, at least 6 months(since it start). But the admin of Unitex blocked us accts.

Yesterday, I got a news is 2 weeks ago, Unitex blocked a Ukraine Team about 20BTC team structure, they do not the first time to blocked people, and in the future they will blocked more. Then they will said the blocked was breaked rules.

The facts is they havn't have new blood in, because of their foolish decision,Let's the company going to scam, If they watch this, I wish they will unblock our team, we can fix it. If not, just one way ——scam!!!!

Here I wants to say to Vietnam Team and the people who can withdraw, Unitex maybe will continue paid to u,but if they found u never develop new here Or bring large investment, the same thing will like us!!!

I also lost money in unitex-capital.com because I invested with my personal money. At the time, my biggest worry was that admin would freeze accounts whose investment amount is large. But unfortunately, it comes true. From the content above, we can already be sure that unitex-capital.com can't step too further and they will stop payment to Vietnam investors soon, so don't invest any more if you want your money safe.

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