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Generally speaking, most HYIP projects can only pay for a short period online. If you can see a program which pays for more than 1 year, then there is no doubt that it is a very good program, of course, this is only relative to its previous performance, and not a criterion for judging the future. Then how about a program which pays for more than 6 years? Have you ever seen that? In this article, I will write it to you.

The project is called solidtradebank.com. From the picture below, you can see that it started on Oct 06 2013 and already 2397 days till now, more than 6 years.

Frankly speaking, this is a rare case in HYIP industry. But there is no need to worship it too much. Now let's see its investment plans:

(1) 0.2% each business day for 35 business days and principal back

(2) 2% weekly for 25 weeks and principal back

And its referrral commissions: only 0.5% from referrals' deposits.

So it is clear that the profit both from deposits and referrals is very low in solidtradebank.com. With such profit mechanism, I think no investors will deposit in this project, except advertising platforms. This is mabe the main reason why it can survive for a so long time.

However, it may be a sleeping project, although it was added on many monitors and runs on an original designed template. But I am not sure it will wake up or not, because it already has been online for such a long time. Then what do you think about? Will solidtradebank.com change its investment plans and referral system in the future?

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