Aworld.vc Review: 3%-5% weekly earnings

Aworld.vc started on 09th November 2020, and it has been online for 85 days now. From Aworld, you can earn weekly interest, direct promotional bonus, binary bonus or leadership bonus. You can not only earn USDT and ETH, but also AWO which is the erc20 defi token issued by Aworld based on Ethereum. All my former withdrawal requests were processed successfully into USDT wallet. Now let's see the details of this project.

Register: https://user.aworld.vc/p/J00114B

Started: 2020-11-09

My Deposit: $200

Investment Plans

One Star: deposit $50-199, earn 3% weekly until 200% reached

Two Star: deposit $200-799, earn 3.5% weekly until 220% reached

Three Star: deposit $800-2499, earn 4% weekly until 240% reached

Four Star: deposit $2500-9999, earn 4.5% weekly until 260% reached

Five Star: deposit $10000-500000, earn 5% weekly until 300% reached

These are five plans Aworld provides. The more you invest, the more you will earn totally. What's more, you will get 1% AWO weekly.

Marketing Bonus Plan

Weekly Bonus Direct Promotion Bonus Binary Bonus Leadership Bonus
One Star $10000 10% 10% 0
Two Star $20000 10% 10% 20%
Three Star $40000 10% 11% 20%-15%
Four Star $80000 10% 12% 20%-15%-10%
Five Star $200000 12% 13% 20%-15%-10%-5%

The direct promotion bonus will be generated immediately when the investment comes into effect. The binary bonus will be paid at 17:00 (GMT) every day, and the leadership bonus will be paid at 17:00 (GMT) every Sunday.

Payment Options


What is AWO?

AWO is the erc20 defi token issued by Aworld based on Ethereum, and the total supply of AWO is 3000000, which is mined in three stages and is 100% owned by the community. Aworld has no pre-mine, no pre-sale and no private placement. 

Phase 1: Aggregator vault

Maximum 1000000 AWO token will be distributed in Aworld vault phase, meanwhile, official buyback will be launched.

Aworld investors will receive AWO token weekly, based on 1% of investment value.

Weekly AWO amount=Vaultinvestment value*1%/current AWO price

Phase 2: Staking

Maximum 1000000 AWO token will be distributed in Aworldstaking phase which include 3 staking pools.

USDT pool: AWO token will be distributed monthly based on 8% of USDT staking value. Monthly AWO amount=USDT staking value*8%/Current AWO Price

AWO pool: AWO token will be distributed monthly based on 10% of AWO staking value. Monthly AWO amount=AWO staking value*10%/Current AWO Price

Vault proof pool: AWO token will be distributed monthly based on 0.8% of vault investment value. Monthly AWO amount=Vault investment value*0.8%/Current AWO Price

Phase 3: Liquidity mining

Maximum 1000000 AWO token will be distributed in Aworldliquidity mining phase which include 2 liquidity pools.

A USDT pool: AWO token will be distributed monthly based on 10% of AUSDT value. Monthly AWO amount=A USDT staking value*10%/currently AWO price

A ETH pool: AWO token will be distributed monthly based on 10% of AETH value. Monthly AWO amount=A ETH staking value*10%/currently AWO price

Phase 4: Aworldswap , AWO holders will get bonus from  Aworldswap

Phase 5: Lending platform and other DeFi services.

Aworld officials continuously buy back the AWO tokens held by community users through the mining profits generated from smart contracts vault, and destroy them permanently, so that the total supply of AWO continues to decrease and the value of a single AWO token increases. 

At the same time, users who hold AWO token for a long term will automatically receive system rewards at different stages of project development. These rewards mainly include the service fee dividend of AWO token buyback and the transaction fee dividend of Aworldswap decentralized exchange. Users can also choose to stake AWO in different pools to earn more AWO. Continue to enjoy the benefits of project development.

Withdrawal Type

Withdrawal requests will be processed instant. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USDT, and there is no maximum limit.

Whois Details

Domain Time: 2020/09/23 - 2021/09/23

IP Address:

IP Location: California - San Francisco - Cloudflare Inc



Aworld is a professionally designed project and now in its Phase 1 stage. You can use Trust, Metamask, or a wallet that support the dapp techology to register and invest. I used the "Trust Wallet" APP. The website now supports more than 10 languages, so I think everyone can find the suitable language in your country.

How to Register and Invest

(1) click and download "Trust Wallet" APP on your phone

(2) click the "unlock wallet" button on Aworld website to show QR code

(3) choose "WalletConnect" function on your APP to scan the QR code on last step to register successfully

(4) click "MENU" button on on left side of Aworld website to complete investment

Your wallet is the only certificate of account ownership, please keep it properly.


Email: support@aworld.vc

Medium: https://aworldvc.medium.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aworldvc

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/Aworldvc

Information & Data Sources

AWO contract address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x634a7272021ac2d42586dcc00187d82c6f34f110

AWO burn contract address: https://etherscan.io/address/0xc2fb06811e1f363cf1710d817a6aac2eb3d5f2a3

AWO token address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x634a7272021ac2d42586dcc00187d82c6f34f110

Register: https://user.aworld.vc/p/J00114B

2021-02-06: Aworld.vc contract and token information were updated in the review.

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