[SCAM] Capital-c.io Review: 2.051%-3.28% income daily

Capital-c.io is an investment program which started on 13th March 2021. It provides a current investment plan, and you can release your deposit without fees after 30 days, if you leave capital in the project, then you can earn termless profits. Admin bought listing and lifetime sticky on my website. My first withdrawal request was already processed successfully yesterday. Now let me write something about it.

Already scam, don't invest.

Started: 2021-03-13

My Deposit: $200


Investment Plans

Minimum deposit is 0.00018066 BTC/0.00585374 ETH/0.05336078 LTC/181.74627638 DOGE/165.36737520 TRX/0.03838761 BNB/17.51499893 XRP/8.87449233 CCT. Daily income is fluctuated, depending on the Capital Crypto traders’ performance. You can earn 2.051%-3.28% income daily, and initial deposits can release after 30 days without any fees.

Promotional Rewards

For all registered members, you can earn 5%-1%-0.5% commissions from your three level members. If you join under my link, then I will give 5% of your deposit back to you, so don't forget to submit RCB request within 48 hours after investment.

You can become representative automatically as soon as your team investment amount reaches $2000. Then you can earn 7%-1.5%-1%-0.5% commissions from your four level members. What is more, representatives can receive different bonuses for their activity. There are two bonus types: first-level investments and investments of the whole structure. Each of them has seven bonus levels with growing rewards.

The first line:

Bonus Level Total investment Bonus
1 $10000 $500
2 $20000 $1000
3 $50000 $3000
4 $100000 $5000
5 $250000 $10000
6 $350000 $15000
7 $500000 $20000
The whole structure:

Bonus Level Total investment Bonus
1 $25000 $500
2 $50000 $1000
3 $90000 $2000
4 $200000 $4000
5 $300000 $5000
6 $400000 $10000
7 $500000 $15000

Payment Options

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, BinanceCoin, Ripple, USDC and CCT tokens.

This is the knowledge about CCT tokens:

What is CCT Token?

This is a cryptocurrency created by Capital Crypto specialists. This is the inner platform currency that is used by our investors and traders.

When the CCT price is updated?

We track investment amounts and fix the price daily at 00:01 Singapore time (UTC+8).

How can I buy CCT tokens?

Use the exchanger integrated into your account to convert crypto into CCT.

Are there any exchange fees?

Yes, it charges 1% for converting crypto into CCT and 2% for exchanging CCT into crypto.

How can I earn on holding CCT tokens?

The CCT price grows by 0.025% every time the total amount of funds spent by all the platform users reaches $1000. So, you can just buy tokens and hold them till the price satisfies you to sell and earn on difference in rates.

Withdrawal Type

Withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours. You can withdraw any amount but not less than 0.001 BTC, 0.025 ETH, 0.025 LTC, 100 DOGE, 0.2 TRX, 0.0015 BNB, 6 XRP.

By the way, you can use the exchanger to exchange CCT tokens and other cryptocurrencies, then transfer the funds to other members through the internal transfer function. You can exchange crypto for CCT with a 1% fee and vice versa with a 2% fee. For converting cryptocurrencies, the exchanger charges 3.12%.

Whois Details

Domain Time: 2021/03/03

IP Address:

IP Location: California - San Francisco - Cloudflare Inc



Capital-c.io is an originally designed program which has its own tokens, so it has more functions than most HYIP projects, such as exchange and internal transfer. When opening its  website, you can find that the template is designed very professionally, maybe APP will be online during the near feature, because their is sign that it is under construction, when it is ready, it will be more convenient for us to operate on phone.

We can find a multiple language button on top of its website, but it is also under construction. When other languages are online, I will give the update under this article, thanks for your attention and welcome to leave your opinions or payment proofs below.


Email: support@capital-c.io

Phone: +65 315-947-38

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/capital.crypto.investments

Twitter: https://twitter.com/capcryptoinv

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/capital_crypto_news

Telegram Chat: https://t.me/capital_crypto_official_chat

2021-04-01: Capital-c.io website is available in Vietnamese.

2021-04-05: Capital-c.io accepts USDC now.

2021-04-06: Capital-c.io added standard plan. With minimum $1000 deposits, you can earn 145% after 15 days.

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  1. Jemhunter00 do not trust these investment companies with your money. I invested over $15000 with a company and when I asked for a withdrawal they asked me to put in more money. Like why would I put in more money when they wouldn't let me make a withdrawal? I told them I wanted my money back and they kept giving me excuses until they finally stopped picking my calls or responding to my emails. I told my friends everything and they mostly recommended me to {Fi,ghitn,gs-cams,at/ao l -dt-come} and messaged them and I can say that I am impressed. They handled my case so well and got my money back. I highly recommend them to anyone who has been scammed.
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  3. hyiper thanks admin for fast withdrawal, keep up good work: Wallet:TCT2XZzAAy96qkzbHRyP9nHiH8h9qmZ9nv 06/04/202119:15 Batch:CWFD1ZGPA8Y58DMSH6MPJNUIHT Wallet: TCT2XZzAAy96qkzbHRyP9nHiH8h9qmZ9nv 06/04/2021 18:20 Batch: CWFD15FSL2ORQ0F4VEAGXVPVUN Wallet:TCT2XZzAAy96qkzbHRyP9nHiH8h9qmZ9nv 05/04/202113:36 Batch:CWFD010RHGUOJZTLTLH5WOPLJY
  4. hyiper Capital-c.io added standard plan. With minimum $1000 deposits, you can earn 145% after 15 days.
  5. hyiper Capital-c.io accepts USDC now.
  6. hyiper thanks admin for fast withdrawal, congratulate for good work: Wallet:TCT2XZzAAy96qkzbHRyP9nHiH8h9qmZ9nv 03/04/202122:38 Batch:CWFD2BWNLGXY2S6L7IQBF0DDYR
  7. hyiper thanks admin for fast payment, keep up good work: Wallet:TCT2XZzAAy96qkzbHRyP9nHiH8h9qmZ9nv 02/04/202120:59 Batch:CWFD5QFZOFSYH49MHWGLLYCTRE
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  9. hyiper Capital-c.io website is available in Vietnamese.
  10. hyiper thanks admin for fast payment, keep good work: Wallet:TCT2XZzAAy96qkzbHRyP9nHiH8h9qmZ9nv 31/03/202100:13 Batch:CWFC0IMLLEB5PRVFYJZSD2SJGI Wallet:TCT2XZzAAy96qkzbHRyP9nHiH8h9qmZ9nv 30/03/202113:06 Batch:CWFC6N2I7ZBYWS57XDTNZAOVQC
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  12. hyiper 78 TRX withdrawal received: Wallet:TCT2XZzAAy96qkzbHRyP9nHiH8h9qmZ9nv / Batch:CWFC1YQT8Y0KE0U999YPBTL33R