Symbios.club Review: I wanted to join but didn't

Symbios.club is a very unique investment program. I wanted to join it two months ago, but unfortunately, the project needs phone verification when withdrawal, and it didn't support Chinese phone at that time, so I missed the project. But I think I should take a while to introduce it, in case someone likes it, too.

Symbios.Club started on 04th January 2021, and online for 153 days currently. According to legend, Symbios Club is engaged in bankruptcy auctions, thanks to which everyone is offered to buy equipment, real estate and a car at a price that can be 75% cheaper than the market value. We can say with confidence that the Symbios Club website has been prepared by professionals at a very high level. The high costs for the implementation of this product are immediately visible. The visual component of the platform looks very attractive, and the administration also paid a lot of attention to security aspects. But all investment projects have risks, so never invest what you can't afford to lose.

You can deposit through BTC, USDT, BankCard, or you can pay in cash or by credit card at their office which located at Yekaterinburg, st. Weavers 25, 9th floor. 

Contacts of the selected office: 

Telephone: 8 800 350 66 25 

Email: info@symbios.club

It is a low-interest investment project with a piggy bank function. Minimum deposit and withdrawal amount for investors is 42000 RUB and 1000 RUB respectively. It offers 3 investment plans with a yield of 6% to 15% per month for a period of 3 to 9 months and principal is back in the end, as well as 3 multi-level after-plans with a yield of 100% to 300% in 90-180 days. 

Withdrawal request will be processed within 48 hours, within 10% fees. By the way, phone code is needed when submitting withdrawal, so be sure that their system supports the phone number in your country and you typed a correct phone number when registration.

What Symbios Club does?

This is an example of lots of auctions for the bankruptcy of Symbios Club

According to the legend of the project, the Symbiosis Club is engaged in bankruptcy trading, uniting auction brokers and investors in the CIS. They offer everyone to buy special equipment, residential and commercial real estate, as well as cars with great profit. Everything looks quite logical, since only in Russia a huge number of companies go bankrupt every year, and accordingly, their property is sold at auctions to further cover companies' debts.

During the auction, the value of real estate, vehicles or special equipment may fall to 99% of its real value on the market, at least as stated on the Symbios Club website. Everything looks quite realistic and believable. By the way, an auction broker is a market participant in bankruptcy auctions, which has the appropriate licenses and accreditation to participate in the auctions, and this platform creates opportunities for anyone in tandem with an auction broker to be able to make money on it.

Company documents

The founders of the Symbiosis Club project have seriously prepared in terms of documentation. As already mentioned, the company is registered in Russia, in the city of Yekaterinburg, at Tkachey street, building 25, office 1008. The name of the legal entity is referred to as the Limited Liability Company "SYMBIOSE FINANCE" with the state registration number 1206600056013. The sole founder and director of the company is Rassokhin Dmitry Alexandrovich.

At the moment, the authorized capital of the Symbiosis Club is 1,000,000 rubles, but according to the organizers of this project, by the end of 2021 it will increase to 1 billion rubles, as far as this is true, we learn over time.

The leaders of the Symbios Finance Club project are Artem Kobysh and Dmitry Rassokhin, the former does not appear in the company's founding documents. They actively cooperate with the media, maintain social networks and assure that their project is working completely legally and as transparently as possible, since all calculations are carried out in fiat currency - rubles.

An administration open to communication is always a sign of the quality and longevity of the project. Usually, such platforms begin to develop on a large scale offline, opening offices and representative offices in various parts of the world. We think that such a path awaits the suspected platform, and the symbiosis club will significantly increase the volume of investments in the near future.

Speaking of project documentation. All constituent documents and licenses can be viewed by anyone on the official website symbios.clubin the "Documents" section. There you will find a certificate of registration of the company, a record sheet, the charter, the minutes of the auctions. The minutes of the auctions allow you to get acquainted in detail and in numbers with the latest auctions in which the company participated. And this level of transparency clearly gives a big plus to the karma of Symbios Club hype.

How to Join?

In order to join the Symbiosis Club, you need to pay for membership, the cost of which is 12000 rubles per year or 1000 rubles per month. Having become a resident, the client will have access to all investment programs, an affiliate program, and training in the direction of a specialist in bankruptcy trading will become available. If you don't pay for membership, then you will not have referral links, such as me. But you can only join the project with an invitation link, so you should search for a referral link on the Internet.

Earn from Programs

This Symbios Club program implies the possibility of participating in the co-financing of bankruptcy bidding. This means that the invested amount will be used to buy highly promising positions. The minimum investment amount is 30000 rubles, and the minimum investment period is 3 months. Earned profit is calculated and paid weekly.

The profitability of this investment proposal of the Symbios Club project is floating and ranges from 6% to 15% per month. It is worth noting that if you initially choose the investment period for 6 months, then the profitability will be increased by 25%, and if you invest for 9 months at once, the profitability will increase by 50%, respectively. What is most interesting is that it is possible to withdraw the body of the deposit ahead of schedule, but in this case, all accrued interest will be withheld by the platform, and the investor will remain with his own.

Earn from Contracts

In addition to the investment programs described above, Symbiosis Club offers a whole range of both investment offers and programs offering not to earn money, but to buy goods, pay off loan debts and study at incredibly low prices. First, we'll talk about investment plans. In our opinion, the most interesting for investors will be "Symbios Cotract", which offers 4 tariffs to choose from:

  • The "Test" tariff offers the following investment conditions. The minimum investment amount is 30,000 rubles, for a period of 9 months and with a monthly return of 20% per month. The net profit for the entire period here is 80%, the deposit is included in the accruals.
  • Tariff "Start". The minimum deposit amount is from 100,000 rubles, with a profit of 20.5% per month for a period of 9 months. The net profit for the entire period here is 85%, the deposit is included in the accruals.
  • Tariff "Medium". The minimum deposit amount is from 250,000 rubles, with a profit of 21.1% per month for a period of 9 months. The net profit for the entire period here is 90%, the deposit is included in the accruals.
  • Tariff "Large". This is the tariff with the highest yield in the line, which allows you to invest at least 500,000 rubles for 9 months with a yield of 22.2% per month. The net profit for the entire period here is 100%, the deposit is included in the accruals.

As for Symbios Club offers that are not related to earnings, among them are:

  • Symbios Family. In this program, you can profitably buy housing in any country in the world, worth up to 10 million rubles. You can save up to 75% of the cost if you deposit money in advance.
  • Symbios Gadget. This program allows residents of the club to buy smartphones, equipment and other gadgets with a profit of up to 75%. The algorithm of actions is as follows: deposit from 25% to 50% of the cost of the gadget and expect from 90 to 180 days, respectively.
  • Symbios Freedom. This option will allow debtors to pay off debts. According to reviews, Symbios Club will close them for you during the year! You need to pay only 35% of the total debt, here you need to make monthly installments of about 3%. A very useful program for people who are mired in loans.
  • Symbios Academy. Do you want to become a professional in the field of trading? Then Symbiosis Club invites you to take their author's course in 2 months, the cost of which is only 29,000 rubles. The number of places for the course is limited, at the moment the limit is 20 people.
  • Symbios Drive. Symbiosis Club auto program, which allows you to buy a car for 25-50% of its real market value. The waiting time in this program is from 90 to 180 days, respectively.

Alert: I didn't invest in Symbios.club, so I won't track its paying status in the future. If you want to invest, please check whether it is really paying at first. By the way, if you are looking for investment portfolio, welcome to find them on homepage or right sidebar of my website.

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