I moved Lutex.ltd back to Standard listing

A representative of Lutex bought Standard listing on my website 3 months ago, and I upgraded it into Premium listing 35 days ago with extra $300 personal deposits. Yesterday, I released the $300 back to my personal wallet and downgraded Lutex back to Standard listing again. The money was transferred to my wallet within 2 hours, very quickly as usual, so very thank admin for his excellet work. I now have $200 active deposits as before. I withdrew back the personal money not because Lutex performed bad, in fact, Lutex is always doing good work, they process all withdrawal requests regularly and quicky. It is because I need to invest into a new project, so I withdrew the money back. Up to now, there is no negative comments or articles about Lutex, I hope admin can continue good work as before. When I have extra spare money, I may reinvest more into it again.

Register: https://lutex.ltd/?user=hyiper


We are a leading provider in online trading that offers you access to a multitude of opportunities in thousands of financial markets through our intuitive platform.

Innovation has been at the heart of our business since we began life in 2008. As we introduced a completely new, accessible way for people to trade by facilitating the long-lasting success of your investing. We help you find and validate new opportunities, time their trades, learn about financial markets, and manage their risk, all while having fun.


  • Provide a service that satisfies customers
  • Work with passion and determination
  • Show equal respect for colleagues and clients
  • Pay maximum attention to customer comments and suggestions
  • Build a team with a positive spirit and a family atmosphere
  • Be reliable and communicate effectively
  • Drive change initiatives and make the most of them
  • Accept responsibility for our actions

We offer an unmatched variety of account options that clients can select to enjoy a tailored investment experience that perfectly meets their needs. Coupled with superior investment conditions and lightning fast execution Lutex Ltd offers all the tools and services necessary for clients of any level to realize their investment ambitions.


Lutex Ltd. is a global leader in online financial trading and investing, has a rich history of innovation, putting clients at the heart of every decision, an award-winning trading Forex and stocks company, offering investment services and tools for both retail and institutional clients. Through its policy of providing its clients with the best possible conditions for trading and allowing speculators and investors to use expert advisors unfettered access to their liquidity. Lutex Ltd. has positioned itself as the best option for investors around the world. with acceptable levels of risk and consistent value creation in line with investment objectives. Both our organizational and individual clients can choose from variety of diversified, structured investment plan that meet their investment needs across whole stages in life.

The best online opportunities for web investment, risk management and consultative services to both organizational and individual investor around the planet. We offer a variety of goods and functions of asset classes for any type of investors including Forex, Stock, Index and investment in various fund.

High knowledge barriers makes difficult for investors to get a clear view of which products to invest, Lutex Ltd. is proud to help our investors with destroying the technical barriers that makes investment on the pharma field hard, we cannot wait to work on projects that will lead our partners and investors on secure and profitable journey with us.

Through the year, we have grown into one of the best investment company that is able to constantly generate income for our partners.

Investment Plans

  1. Deposit $10-500, earn 1% each working day for 25 working days and principal back
  2. Deposit $501-1000, earn 1.5% each working day for 40 working days and principal back
  3. Deposit $1001-5000, earn 1.9% each working day for 55 working days and principal back
  4. Deposit $5001-1000000, earn 2.5% each working day for 70 working days and principal back

If you want to know more about it, you can read former review: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/253.html

Register: https://lutex.ltd/?user=hyiper

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