Kriptofuture launched incredible Cold-Wallet

On 15th June this year, Kriptofuture launched its own incredible Cold-Wallet. Put your money there, and you will earn extra income. This is their official news below:

WE JUST LAUNCHED OUR INCREDIBLE COLD-WALLET! Join us now (www.cold-wallet.io) and get your 2% monthly profit with just keeping your cryptocurrencies with our the most secured system EAL7 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evaluation_Assurance_Level)

You can receive and send your crypto money with the wallet. At the same time, it provides Stake and Swap functions for participants. If you want to know more, you can register a wallet and try with small amount of money.

The cold wallet (Cold Wallet) is a blockchain technology system where the security system is called EAL7.

This cold wallet will be available to our kripto future community, where you can save their digital cryptocurrencies safely and anonymously.

The system was developed after the problem of many countries where local governments will be obliged to have access to the amount of crypto of users in all exchanges, in South Korea, for example, 95% of users keep their cryptocurrencies in Exchange that will be monitored by the government. Cold Wallet will have total anonymity and without having KYC (Know Your Client), in addition Cold Wallet is the only wallet that will pay you 2% per month, where the people can withdraw their cryptocurrencies whenever they want.

About Kriptofuture

Kripto Future is a cryptocurrency trading company based in Liverpool. It aims to prosper and develop and change lives around the world. CEO Tommy Lewis, a businessman who lives in Liverpool and has extensive trading experience with his team , Created a real transaction. A robot that can generate up to 3% of funds every day.


Kriptofuture has a large team of cryptocurrency traders. They have developed a robot that can work 24/7 to absorb 100% of investment banking losses. This method is used in the England. The UK is very successful. The entrepreneurs in Liverpool are concerned about the current global economic crisis and decided to launch the project to help families capitalize and prosper through cryptocurrency.

Income Table

DIRECT INSTRUCTIONS: There is an affiliated club where you can recommend your friends to make safe investments. The company will bring 6% revenue to everyone you recommend.

DUALITY: Teamwork and get a binary bonus, which can earn 8% for your small team. To get this bonus, you only need to get a valid reward directly from both parties.

REMAINING: Earn the remaining 15% of the team’s daily workload, divided into 10 levels.

Register: https://kriptofuture.com/#/login/hyiper

To learn more about Kripto Future: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/282.html

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