[SCAM] Rcoin.bet Review: 26%-39% monthly from staking

Rcoin is a potential investment project online which started on 16th June this year. It provides long term deposit plans and you earn 0.87%-1.3% daily for 200-265 calendar days within principal included. According to its claim on official site, Rcoin is a new crypto for the online gambling industry which is for use on all sites and services with online gambling and betting. Now 1 Rcoin equals to 1 USD. You can now only earn Rcoin through staking on its website. After it is listed on exchangers or crypto platforms, anyone can purchase it anywhere in the world.

Started: 2021-06-16

My Deposit: $1000

Investment Plans: 26%-39% monthly and principal included, profit comes daily

Promotional Rewards: sales bonus + mutual staking bonus + qualification rewards

RCB: 4% of your deposit amount

Payment Options: Bitcoin, USDT(erc20 and trc20)

Withdrawal Type: instant - 5%; within 24 hours - 2.5%; within 5 days - 0

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $50

PDF: link

Languages: English and Russian

Investment Plans

  1. Deposit $100, earn 0.87% daily for 200 days and principal included (available)
  2. Deposit $250, earn 0.9% daily for 205 days and principal included (available)
  3. Deposit $500, earn 0.93% daily for 210 days and principal included (available)
  4. Deposit $1000, earn 0.97% daily for 215 days and principal included (available)
  5. Deposit $2500, earn 1% daily for 220 days and principal included (available)
  6. Deposit $10000, earn 1.07% daily for 230 days and principal included (available)
  7. Deposit $15000, earn 1.1% daily for 235 days and principal included (available)
  8. Deposit $20000, earn 1.13% daily for 240 days and principal included (Start 11/01/2021)
  9. Deposit $35000, earn 1.17% daily for 245 days and principal included (Start 01/02/2022)
  10. Deposit $50000, earn 1.2% daily for 250 days and principal included (Start 05/01/2022)
  11. Deposit $75000, earn 1.23% daily for 255 days and principal included (Start 08/01/2022)
  12. Deposit $100000, earn 1.27% daily for 260 days and principal included (Start 11/01/2022)
  13. Deposit $150000, earn 1.3% daily for 265 days and principal included (Start 02/01/2023)

Referral System

Add balance / Internal Transfer / Exchange / Withdraw

Invest: You should first Replenish your account balance, and then click the Staking button in your menu to complete investment.

Internal Transfer: Click the Translation button to transfer balance money to other members.

Exchange: Click the Conversion button. Conversion works only one way (from RC to USDT). You will not be able to exchange USDT for RC. You DO NOT need to exchange RC for USDT for withdrawal. Just submit your RC withdrawal request here .

Withdraw: Click the Conclusion button. You can withdraw money to your USDT (erc20 or trc20) wallets.


Rcoin has a well-designed site. The script of the platform is self-written, the content is constructive and unique, the Rcoin personal account is intuitive and simple even for a beginner in the field of crypto investments.

Rcoin is the newest project looking to promote its own token. This coin will work in the online gaming industry and casinos (Rcoin bet). But, at this stage, the project has just started and the token is not yet traded anywhere, now it is only the internal currency of the project, into which depositors' funds are converted and income from staking.

The official action took place in Kazan, where marketing was presented on 16th June, there was a buffet table and a concert program, there was a loud launch, which speaks of the prospects for long-term work. You can see the photo report from this event at the link. Given the level of these stars at the moment, it is not difficult to understand that the Rcoin administration has invested an impressive amount of funds in this event. Usually, such infusions at the start are typical for projects that plan to develop on a large scale offline according to the MLM scheme: with offices, presentations, giveaways and other pleasant buns.

According to the Road Map of the Rcoin bet project, the branded token will be transferred to the blockchain in late August or early September. And in the period from September to October, listings on exchanges begin, and it will be possible to speculate with a token and earn money.

But until this moment, the Rcoin cannot be bought, but you can only win or receive in the form of income from staking. At the same time, before entering the stock exchanges, the value of the coin will grow according to an algorithm specially set by the system. Immediately in October, it is planned to launch its own online casino with Rcoin integration, which will ensure greater popularization and liquidity of the token.

At the end of 2021, they promise to launch new investment programs, within the framework of which it will be possible to easily accumulate funds for gadgets, cars or real estate (nowadays this is a fairly popular feature of large projects). And in 2022, the administration plans to integrate Rcoin into various third-party online casinos that are in demand and popularity.

2021-08-13: Rcoin added English language button which is at top of the website.

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  1. chicoReview and report your scam case here by contacting this Email: moneyback@internet.ru They recover back lost investments for scammed victims.
    • hyiperRcoin added English language button which is at top of the website.