How to choose qualified HYIP programs?

If you want to earn money in HYIP investment projects, then you must know how to choose qualified HYIP projects. This is the precondition for your successful career in this industry. In this article, I will tell you some skills about this.

Know the admins or operators

If you can get personal contact information from the HYIP admin and make friends with him, then it will be the best. Because he can notify you each time his new program launches. But please be sure that he is a trusted and experienced HYIP admin, since so many rubbish admins nowadays who only run fast scam programs and we should stay away from their projects.

Take me for example, I made friends with a HYIP admin three years ago. Each time he opens new programs, he will tell me and give me promotional fees. Of course, all his programs performed well and are qualified for good HYIPs. Even now I am promoting his program on this blog, but I can’t tell you which one is it since he doesn’t want others to know.

If you are a promoter, it will be more easy for you to get personal contact info from HYIP admins. Because trusted promoters are very important to HYIP admins.

Website Design

Professionally designed websites are always more easily to attract investors. This is beneficial for the capital chain of the programs.

At the same time, well-designed websites always cost more money to build, so that it will take longer period for the admins to get back the initial investment into the programs.

To know which program has a well-designed website, you should browse more templates so that you can compare which one is better. It is the same thing with video review. Browse more and you will have more correct judgement when you open a website.

Plan Systems

This includes the investment plans and referral plans. The plans which provide exaggerated high profits always survived shorter than the reasonable profit ones, especially for investment plans. Such as “10% daily forever”, do you think such programs can survive for more than one month? Almost impossible.


SSL and company certificates are essential for a good HYIP program. Some programs even registered EVSSL certificate to make the website look more professional and attractive. As for the company certificates, most HYIP programs use UK incorporation, because it is the cheapest, only cost 80-90 dollars to buy. In fact, both EVSSL and UK incorporation only cost 300-400 dollars totally.

But there are still several HYIPs buy certificates from Hong Kong or other countries, it will be more expensive and you should pay more attention to such programs.


Promotion is a double-edged sword. If you use it correctly, it will be good to your programs, if you use it incorrectly or don’t use it at all, it will do harm to the programs.

From the promotion, we can also judge the financial status of the HYIP admins. If he only buys advertisements on cheap blogs or monitors, or only pays very little ads fees, then it is probably that the financial status of this admin is not good so that he may not enough money to operate the program longer.  

These are my own opinions above, if you have more good ideas to share with us, then welcome to comment below or send me full articles. I will be glad to receive this.

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