[SCAM] Asebit.com Review: 4% daily for 30 calendar days and principal release anytime

Asebit.com is a high yield investment project which started on 02nd June. Admin bought Premium listing on my website two days ago, and my first withdrawal request was already processed successfully yesterday. Investors can release their initial deposits at any time with certain fees, however, if you remain your initial deposits until the plan expires, then you don't need to pay any fees for initial deposit withdrawal. Now let's see some details of Asebit LTD.

Started: 2022-06-02

My Deposit: $500

Investment Plans: 4% daily for 30 calendar days; 5% daily for 40 calendar days. Principal back anytime

Referral Commissions: 5%-2%-1%


Withdrawal Type: within 24 hours

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $20 for BTC/ETH/USDT(erc20); $5 for other payments

UK Company Registration: "ASEBIT LTD" registered on 27 September 2021, check link

Social Contact: Facebook Page; Twitter; Instagram; Telegram Group; Telegram Support

Investment Plans

  • Blue: invest $25-$2499, earn 4% daily for 30 days and principal back
  • Black: invest $2500-$200000, earn 5% daily for 40 days and principal back

However, you can cancel your deposit at any time after 24 hours, paying a fee depending on when you want to release it. Detailed rules below:

Within first 24 hours
not allowed
After 24h and before 14 days
25% fee
After 14 days and before 21 days
20% fee
After 21 days, before end of plan
15% fee
After end of Investment Plan
0% fee (automatically)

Get Started

Register an Account

1. Click Sign Up button in the top right corner of the website

2. Provide the data necessary for registration

3. Read and accept Terms and Conditions

4. Your account is ready to use just after registration

Make a Deposit

1. Login to your Account and click Make a Deposit 

2. Choose Plan and Payment System that suits you best. 

3. Enter Amount of your Deposit (value in USD) 

4. Click Make a Deposit button 

5. The System will convert the amount in USD at the current rate and show you value in selected cryptocurrency and generate unique wallet address for your crypto payment or redirect you to payment gateway. 

6. Make a transfer to wallet address provided. Your deposit will be visible after 3 confirmations from the Blockchain network.

Withdraw your Earnings

1. Login to your Account and click Withdrawal 2. Select Balance to withdraw funds from 

3. Specify Withdrawal amount (in USD) 

4. The system will convert the amount in USD at the current rate and show you the value in the selected cryptocurrency. 

5. Click Withdrawal button 

6. You will be redirected to the Confirmation page. 

7. Make sure the wallet address is correct and belongs to you. 

8. Click Withdrawal and wait up to 24h for processing.

Additional Features

Reinvestment from account balance

1. Login to your Account and click Make a Deposit 

2. Choose Plan which corresponds to the investment amount. 

3. Choose the desired account balance as the Payment Method. 

4. Enter Amount of your Deposit (value in USD) 

5. Click Make a Deposit button 

6. Confirm Your Deposit. 

7. Your deposit will be visible immediately in your Dashboard.

Use Referral Program

1. Login to your Account 

2. Copy your Referral Link and share it wherever you can. 

3. If someone uses your link, you will get a commission in 3 lines down: 5%-2%-1%

4. You can withdraw your commissions immediately or reinvest as a new deposit. 

5. Earnings from the Referral Program are unlimited

Cancel Deposit at any time

1. Login to your Account and click Deposit List 

2. Select Deposit you want to cancel and click Release button 

3. The funds from your initial deposit, minus the fees, will be transferred to your account balance. 

4. The release of the deposit involves a fee(25% for 2nd-14th day; 20% for 14th-21st day; 15% for 21st and before end of plan period; no fee when plan expires)

5. Once canceled, you will not get any more daily earnings from this deposit.

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  1. SirOwn42 they are scam ....they ripped me off until I filed my case to FTC Authority that assisted me to recover my lost funds reach out to them and get help RecoveryfraudFTC @ protonmail. com
  2. hyiper The amount of 20 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U12456834->U10301279. Memo: API Payment. PayKassa.pro 16388599.. Date: 15:57 10.06.22. Batch: 467587573.