Serversha.com Review: 0.6%-1.5% daily for lifetime

Serversha.com is a Bitcoin mining investment platform, which launched on 25th February this year. You can earn 0.6%-1.5% daily for termless and initial deposit can be released anytime. Admin bought Standard listing on my website two day ago. Now let's see some details about it.

Register: https://serversha.com/register/hyiper

Started: 2022-02-25

My Deposit: $250

Investment Plans: 0.6%-1.5% daily for lifetime, initial deposit back anytime

Referral Commissions: up to 7%-3%-2%-1%

Payment Options: USDT/BTC/ETH/TRON/BNB

Withdrawal Type: within 5 hours

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $10

Global Languages: under construction

Social Accounts: Telegram group; Facebook Page; Youtube; Twitter

Investment Plans

Standard Plan
Gold Plan
Platinum Plan
Diamond Plan
Daily income
0.6% 0.8% 1.1% 1.5%
Invest from
$10-$599 $600-$5999 $6000-$59999 over $60000
Daily profit
Daily profit
Daily profit
Daily profit
Return of Capital
Profit bonus
NO Every 6 months +5%
every 3 months +5%
every 1 months +5%
Compound Mode
NO NO Activate Daily
Activate Daily

Get Bounty

100% refund of costs
0.5 - 2USD You will get
5 - 50USD You will get
Your Google ads must be real
Rate 5 starts on trustpilot.com
Your Video more than 30s and >1000 views
General conditions

  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Telegram
  • Review must be Real
  • verify reviews via admin@serversha.com
  • Get rewarded after 1 - 3 working day
  • Bonus depend on Quality of review
  • Receive money via Serversha Account

Referral Commissions

Initial default commission is 5%-2%-1%, but when your direct members' deposits investment amount reach $3000, then commission level will be activated with 7%-3%-2%-1%.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deposit Wallet and Profit Wallet?

Deposit Wallet: is the type of wallet when you deposit, the amount you deposit will be located here. After depositing, you can use this wallet to choose a suitable investment plan. This wallet is not used for withdrawals.

Profit Wallet: is the type of wallet that when you have invested, the profit every 24 hours will be transferred here. In addition, when you do not want to invest anymore but withdraw the capital you cancel the investment, the capital will be transferred to this wallet. This type of wallet is used for withdrawals.

When can I withdraw my capital?

You can cancel your investment and withdraw your capital whenever you want. Note: in the first 10 days, when you cancel the investment plan, the refunded capital will be deducted 5%. After 10 days you can withdraw capital without any fee.

After depositing how to invest?

After depositing, you go to "Plan" then choose an investment plan suitable for the amount of money you have. Next, click on the "Invest...Plan" button. A dialog box opens, enter the amount you want to invest and click the "Invest Now" button.

How can I cancel my investment plan?

In the "Investing" section, there will be investment plans you have chosen to invest in. With each investment plan below each item there is a blinking button to choose from. Clicking on it will show more information about the investment along with the cancel investment button. If you want to cancel this plan, please click the "Cancel now" button, if you dont want to cancel, press the "Close" button.

What is "Profit bonus"?

You will be rewarded with +5% on the amount you are investing.This is the bonus amount when you invest in Gold, Platinum and Diamond plans after a period of time. Why Bonus: This is our bonus fund that gives back to professional investors more after a period of investment. This bonus you can use to reinvest or to withdraw.

What is "Compound Mode"?

With investment plan "Platinum" and "Diamon", compound Mode will be activated. That is, the daily interest will automatically add to the capital of the investment plan to create compound interest. This creates excellent returns for professional investors.

Register: https://serversha.com/register/hyiper

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  1. hyiper $10 USDT withdrawal request received fast, thanks admin: e4668f655e2c91fb20c49b8394ee563f5d9e90509464dd646583778e457b3fc4
  2. hyiper $10 USDT withdrawal request received instantly, thanks admin: 5f09d620c5370fee94d4fb38d1fa6a848694943de4fd5fee7eaa3c983399da92