Uniex.biz begins to block big investment account

Uniex.biz has been online since Jul 25 last year, and admin changed website template 53 days ago. With its 3%-7% termless profit plan, all early investors already make profit here. But unfortunately, there is piece of negative news about it. I saw the news from Hyiplogs, see it below:

You can check here: https://hyiplogs.com/project/uniex.biz/

From picture above, we can see that admin of Hyiplogs not recommend investing in uniex.biz, because he received a report from an investors of this program. I copied his comment below:

From the comment, we can know that uniex.biz blocked the investor's account which has $500 active deposit only after 7 days since his investment. That is not strange in HYIP industry, because many programs will block investors' accounts when they prepare to stop payment. We can do nothing now but pray that it can pay for next period to old investors to make them break even or make more profit. Finally, I suggest to only invest with small amount in most HYIP projects, and not to invest too much.

HYIPer.net » Uniex.biz begins to block big investment account

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  1. BGUKThanks for the update. Been since launch and had not had any withdrawal problems. (40+) But I have invited couple people and they reported to me today that they can not login in to their accounts anymore and last withdrawals are not processed. Lets hope this gets sorted.