[SCAM] Etherconnect Review: 0.33% - 0.58% per day for 365 days + increase in the price of the token

Etherconnect is an open source decentralized finance platform for stablecoin, staking, yield farming, and DeFi protocol. It is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for investors, to unlock a universe of open future of financial earnings. I deposited this program which my personal money which equals $750. If you have spare money and don't know where to invest, then welcome to try Etherconnect.

Started: 2021-02-16

My Deposit: 10480 TRX (https://tronscan.org/#/transaction/201e59e4c7cee867081e96f0cdb82649bde29777e0a7272833edb1223daee6e2)

Investment Plans: 0.33% - 0.58% per day for 365 days + increase in the price of the token

Promotional Rewards: 8%-3%-2%-1%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%-0.25%-0.25%

Payment Options: Ethereum(ERC20), BNB(Binance Smart Chain), Bitcoin, TRX 

Withdrawal Type: instant

Minimum Withdrawal: $50

Former Program: Bitconnect

ABOUT Etherconnect and Bitconnect Limited

As everyone knows that Bitconnect limited closed it operation around the world due to Government Regulation in 2018, But now Bitconnect is back with complete legal registration in Estonia & United Kingdom with its strong community. The predecessor of the fresh long-term, the sensational Bitconnect limited, worked for about 2 years. The token of this platform at the beginning of the path cost $ 0.17 and soared at the peak of its success to $ 463. At that time, he entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization.

Bitconnect is launching its new updated platform Etherconnect. This platform is designed to provide multiple opportunities & benefits for its investors, traders, and users to earn profit daily. Etherconnect community enhanced the crypto finance platform & merged the DeFi protocol with the governance protocol. This will help us to find the independence of all desire, Etherconnect community of like-minded, freedom loving individuals. Etherconnect connecting the possibility of income stability in a very unstable manner.

What is Etherconnect? - An Open & Decentralized Ecosystem

It is a collection of autonomous, decentralized, and non- custodial stablecoin smart contracts built on Ethereum Infrastructure platform. It combines lending, staking, yield framing income with trading fees to produce higher yielding assets. Etherconnect was created to address three major problems that confront stablecoin users:

  • Significant fragmentation in same-peg stablecoin (there are currently over 5 major USD pegged stablecoin on Ethereum for example)
  • Lack of yield in fiat currencies and stablecoin
  • Lack of protection against permanent capital loss in stablecoin

Community-built Interfaces - Why Etherconnect

Etherconnect is a Self Regulated Decentralized Financial platform. Which is one of the Fast and secure platform in Decentralized finance history.

  • Effective Liquidity Provider Incentives
  • Fast Coin Distribution
  • Instant Reward Distribution
  • Ream Time Liquidity Migration
  • Transparent, P2P, Decentralized Support System
  • A Self Executing Platform
  • 100% Verified & Safe platform
  • Non-Government

Benefits of Etherconnect - Earn From Staking Ether

Explore the world of DeFi together with Etherconnect. We mint Deposit Tokens and Reward Tokens for every ETH you deposit & earn. Use them to store, exchange and transfer your deposit & rewards in just about any protocol and wallet that supports ERC- 20. 

By joining Etherconnect, you will also have a chance to participate in Ethereum 2.0's Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism (staking) and receive ETH rewards in return. 

Etherconnect opens the opportunities to generate additional yield to earn more profit, it also allows investors and users to begin staking on Ethereum 2 from day one and earn rewards on their selected package with no technical setup and maintenance required.

Etherconnect Project Roadmap

JAN - 2021: Etherconnect will live the ECC Non-custodial DeFi Protocol coin in before Jan 2021

FEB- 2021: Etherconnect will live the ECC web wallet to manage the Etherconnect DeFi Staking Platform to earn profit

JULY - 2021: Etherconnect will launch the Yield Farming protocol to Binance LaunchPad to get more visibility of ECC coin and help ECC investors to grow there holdings

AUGUST - 2021: Etherconnect will Announce the ECC Coin as stable coin which can use to trade with Sistemkoin exchange with huge liquidity

SEP - 2021: Etherconnect will share the ECC Coin dividend to every users of holding ECC Coin & Live the DeFi Lending platform in to the market.

2022: Etherconnect will live the DeFi banking platform to provide the loan & other useful services to the investors and users worldwide.

Etherconnect Business Future Growth

Liquidity Platform Live → Binance LaunchPad Listing for Yield Farming → Binance LaunchPad DeFi Finance Listing → Binance & Major Exchange ECC Coin buy & Sell Listing → Token Listing


ECC Coin is a stable coin and this will be increase every month 10% to 40% From the date of launch. Total supply 114,244,542. Check the ECC Price Chart below:

ECC Coin Distribution Plan

After sign up when you activate your account & Enrol with ECC Coin Staking the staking reward’s will start from next 24 Hour. ECC Coin Staking Timeline is 365 Days. The Income will be receive daily to every Month to all registered active users as well as daily withdrawal

ECC Coin Level Income

Sponsor Level Daily Income

Etherconnect commonly known as DeFi protocol which started to draw much more interest as a wave of new hit in the crypto market. To activate level income, you only need to required 1 direct member.

Ranking & Rewards

Ranking & Rewards are eligible as pre the each ranking level should 30% business count from 1 business Leg.

  • RACER: $50,000 Team Business From staking from 3 Legs & it required 30% from Each Leg
  • GLADIATOR: 2 Racer From 2 different legs. + Your team will stake $.175 million Team Business to achieve the rank.
  • TORNADO: 2 Gladiator From 2 different legs. + Your team will stake $.4 million Team Business to achieve the rank.
  • TYPHOON: 2 Tornado From 2 different legs. + Your team will stake $1 million Team Business to achieve the rank.
  • CYCLONE: 2 Typhoon From 2 different legs. + Your team will stake $3 million Team Business to achieve the rank.
  • BLACK PANTHER: 2 Cyclone From 2 different legs. + Your team will stake $10 million Team Business to achieve the rank.

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