Stoqman.com published app for macOs

Stoqman has been online since 25th April 2021. We know that you can operate not only on computer, but also on cellphone and iPad, because Stoqman offer APP for investors. Such a function can be convenient for many investors who don't have enough time to use computers. At the same time, this can show the financial and technical strength of Stoqman team. However, these are not all, just 24 hours ago, Stoqman officially published its app version for macOSWhat's more, the Windows10 version is on the way.

Already scam, do not invest.

stoqman.com review

Register: https://stoqman.com/?upline=wang

stoqman.com review

What can the Stoqman app do?


  • Recharge 
  • Withdrawing funds from the balance


  • Possibility of opening new investment deposits 
  • Active deposits status 
  • Completed Deposits Information


  • Selecting the type of transactions: financial / other 
  • Sorting transactions by time, status and payment systems 
  • Detailed description of each operation


  • Information about your partner status 
  • Affiliate links 
  • The ability to change the inviter 
  • General analysis of your affiliate network

In this project, you can earn "0.9%-1.5% daily for 4-21 days", "0.8%-1.1% daily for 12-24 days" or "1.1%-1.9% daily for 30-180 days". What's more, you can earn from members' deposits or daily profits which will depend on what plans they choose, together with non-recurring bonus. This is its review: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/269.html

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