Futurion Montenergo Special Event is postponed due to COVID-19

Futurion is a potential investment project which started on 14th May 2021. Today we got a piece of news about the even in Montenegro.

We regret to inform everyone that the Montenegro Special Event will not push through as planned due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, health alerts in Montenegro and availability of flight and visa processing schedules.

Montenegro Special Event is postponed on September 17-19. You will find the most exciting and largest event of 2021. It will be aimed for bringing together the top-management and the Futurion leaders from all over the world.

A special 60-day Leadership promotion will be initiated for the platform's users.

Fulfill the promotion conditions within the period from July 4 to September 1, and win a fully funded trip to Montenegro Special Event.


  • First line turnover reaches 100000 FTR
  • Total turnover of the structure (including the first line) reaches 200000 FTR

The meeting of partners with the Futurion team will be the beginning of the official launch of the company for the whole world. All our partners will spend an unforgettable vacation with like-minded people.

Futurion pays for plane tickets, luxury hotel, private luxury yacht event, best beaches and best parties in Montenegro.

Detailed Schedule:

  • 17 September: OFFICIAL PART, the Chedi Lustica Bay
  • 18 September: Private event on a luxury yacht
  • 18 September: The final day, Leaders rewarding and Presentation of exclusive gifts

Register: https://futurion.finance/auth/registration/2y7Kjf

Review: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/276.html

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