[SCAM] Freex.biz Review: 2.1%-4.5% each business day for 20-70 business days

Freex.biz is a high yield investment project which started on 02nd September 2022. It provides "daily" or "after" plans, from which you can earn 2.1%-4.5% each business day for 20-70 business days or 150%-450% after 20-70 calendar days. It has own internal coins called "FxCoins", and I will write something about in the final paragraph. Now let's see the details of Freex.

Started: Sep 02, 2022

Investment Plans: 2.1%-4.5% each business day for 20-70 business days; 150%-450% after 20-70 calendar days

Referral Commissions: 3%~15%-1%-1%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%

Other Bonus: Bounty program + Daily tasks + Weekly bonus

Withdrwal Type: within 48 hours

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $1


Telegram Channel: https://t.me/FreexReports

Telegram Group: https://t.me/FreexCommunity

Investment Plans

  • $25-$1000, 2.1% each business day for 20 business days
  • $1001-$5000, 2.5% each business day for 35 business days
  • $5001-$10000, 3.65% each business day for 55 business days
  • $10001 or more, 4.5% each business day for 70 business days
  • $25-$1000, 150% after 20 calendar days
  • $1001-$5000, 200% after 35 calendar days
  • $5001-$10000, 300% after 55 calendar days
  • $10001 or more, 450% after 70 calendar days

Referral Commissions

According to your deposit amount, you can earn 3% to 15% from direct referrals' deposit, and additional earnings up to 6 indirect levels of referral. Just like screenshot below:

Freex.biz review

Bounty Program

If you are a content creator on Youtube or TikTok, you can earn extra money:

Freex.biz review 

Rules for accepted videos:

  1. Video title should contains FreexLimited.
  2. Video availability should be listed publicly.
  3. Video posting date must be at least one day old.
  4. Youtube has +500 subscribers
  5. TikTok has +2000 subscribers

Daily Tasks

Freex.biz review

Rules for accepted reviews

  1. Only reviews with proofs 50.00 USD or above.
  2. Only one review on the same platform per day.

Weekly Bonus

If you are an active investor or promoter, you can also earn from "Top Referrer" bonus and "Random Depositor" bonus. "Top referral" bonus is from $75 to $100, and "Random depositor" bonus is $25.

Other Info

You can exchange FxCoins for USD back to your account balance as USDT TRC20. Current FxCoins Price is 0.05 USD, Example: exchange 1000 FxCoin, you get 50 USD. You can do it through the "EXCHANGE FXCOINS" page from your logged in panel.

Freex.biz review

You can see the "lastest investments" and "latest revenue" data on homepage, please refer these statistics according to your own experience. For any new update about Freex.biz, you can follow their Telegram channel or Group which I already wrote above.

Freex.biz review

Freex.biz changed website template two weeks ago, and till now, everything is fine and no negative comments or status on all monitors.

NOTE: Before investment, click and check the latest status HyipEye; H-Metrics

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