Gold-quarry.com Review: 0.5%-0.6% daily for 30 days


Gold-quarry.com is a long-term HYIP project, which started on 8th May this year. Investors can earn 0.5%-0.67% daily profit for 30 or 90 days, and principal will be back in the end. My first withdrawal request was processed successfully already. Gold-quarry.com support 3 languages, including English, Chinese and Russian, so you can choose the language which is suitable for you. Now let me write its details.

Registration: https://gold-quarry.com/ref/a075094482cffa7ee07f442836e8a8a8

Started: 2023-05-08

Investment Plans: 每天分红0.5%-0.6%,30天后返还本金;每天分红0.67%,90天后返还本金

Our Deposit: 400美金

Referral Commissions: 7%-5%-3%

Payment Options: BTC / LTC / ETH / USDT / Payeer / Visa / MasterCard

Withdrawal Processed: within 24 hours

Minimum Withdrawal: $5

Social Account: Youtube; Skype; Telegram Channel; Telegram Group; VK; Instagram;

Company Certificate: link; link; link; link; link

Investment Plans

  • Gold Market: Minimum investment is $10, daily profit is fluctuated from 0.5%-0.6%, principal will be back after 30 days
  • Gold Mining: Minimum investment is $1000, earn 0.67% daily and principal will be back after 90 days

Bonus Plans

The size of the bonus reward from $10 to $100 will be determined by their marketing department depending on the quality and quantity of your publications. Gold-quarry.com offers various types of cooperation

1. An article about us and accompanied by your referral link, which you can share on your page (Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, etc.).

2. Screenshots of your income, which will help more of your friends know about us.

3. Repost, record short videos and/or presentations.

Send your publications for moderation, their manager will consider the quality of your work, after which you will be credited with a deposit bonus, which will bring you profit. In turn, the company will place the best publications on its social networks. For more detailed information, you can contact their staff:

1) https://join.skype.com/invite/ETwuysA9dDjQ 

2) https://t.me/qoldquarrysupport 

3) https://t.me/GoldQuarrySupportbot 

4) https://vk.com/id749973993

How to Invest?

❶ Click the link and register an account: https://gold-quarry.com/ref/a075094482cffa7ee07f442836e8a8a8

❷ Login to account and click the “Create a deposit” button:


❸ Choose a payment option → choose investment plan → Type into investment amount → transfer money. After money is transferred, click the "Confirm" button. Then you can close the page and wait for blockchain confirmation.


Registration: https://gold-quarry.com/ref/a075094482cffa7ee07f442836e8a8a8

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