Wealth-elite.com Review: earn 0.33%-0.9% each working day

Wealth-elite.com is a high yield investment program which mainly provides long term deposit plans. It started on 31st May 2020, and admin bought Standard listing on my website 10 days ago. My first withdrawal request was received minutes ago into BTC wallet. Now let me introduce it to you in details.

Started: 2020-05-31

My Deposit: $200


Investment Plans

Minimum invest $25, earn 0.83% each working day for 120 working days and principal back

Minimum invest $50, earn 0.33% each working day for 90 working days and principal back

Minimum invest $100, earn 0.62% each working day for 45 working days and principal back

Minimum invest $250, earn 0.66% each working day for 30 working days and principal back

Minimum invest $500, earn 0.9% each working day for 20 working days and principal back

These are all the plans Wealth-elite.com provides. Profit is ranged from 0.33% to 0.9% on weekdays, which is low autually. But we hope it can be a stable project in the following months, because stability is everything for investors.

Referral Commissions

Wealth-elite.com provides 7%-3%-1% commissions. So promoters can earn three level referral commissions from their team members. If you join under my invitation link, then welcome to submit RCB request within 24 hours after investment. I will give back 7% of your deposit amount. You can find the "RCB" button at top of my website, just click it and fill in your data.

Payment Options

Wealth-elite.com accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Withdrawal Type

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0011 BTC. Withdrawals are processed instantly up to 0.1 BTC, however, larger amounts will be processed manually to ensure full security for investors. Withdrawals may be requested once per day and the withdrawal fee is 1%.

Domain Registration

Domain Time: 2020/02/24 ~ 2021/02/24

IP Address: - 514 other sites hosted on this server

IP Location: California - San Francisco - Cloudflare Inc

ASN: AS13335 CLOUDFLARENET, US (registered Jul 14, 2010)

More Information

Wealth-elite.com designed an original template for its website, and registered a UK company certificate called "WEALTH CREATION CLUB LTD" which can be checked here. For now, Wealth-elite.com accepts 7 languages and you can choose the one which suitable for you the most. On their homepage, you can find its Facebook, Twitter and Youtube links, welcome to follow then if you are interested in this program. I also copied the links at the end of this article.

Please remember that multiple accounts are strictly prohibited. All accounts are constantly monitored and any suspicious behavior will result in the cancellation as well as loss of all funds of the accounts concerned. Admin send an email about this problem days ago specifically, so don't create more than one account.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wealth-Elite-102242314836207

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WealthElite1

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNlV0uaazA9I5OETdd_CERQ

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  1. hyiperWealth-elite.com already scam with paying for 29 days, it is exceeding our expectations.
    • hyiper0.00126 Bitcoin withdrawal request received instantly, thanks admin: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/ad3cdad91f93d0613312b81b0d823154197a675f0d3789e99bfaa0f238a46797