[SCAM] Affluence.network Review: 125%-160% PoS per year and 20%-30% monthly token growth

Affluence is an online investment project which started on 07th April this year. It provides long term deposit plans which last for a year, and your initial deposit will be back after a year. You can earn 125%-160% PoS per year(profit is daily), also you can earn 20%-30% TOKEN(AFN) growth per month. I invested $1000 yesterday to have a try. Now let's see the details of this project.

Started: 2021-04-07

My Deposit: $1000

Investment Plans: 125%-160% PoS per year, PoS profit will be daily

Token Growth: 20%-30% per month on the growth of the token rate

Promotional Rewards: 6%~36% referral commisisons + 10% match bonus

RCB: 6% of your investment

Payment Options: BTC, TRX, ETH, USDT, BNB, XRP, BCH

Withdrawal Type: 48 hours

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $50

Withdrawal fee: 1%

Global Language: 8 languages

Socials: Twitter; Facebook; Telegram

Investment Plans

  1. Purchase of tokens from $100 to $1000, earn 125% PoS per year and deposit return
  2. Purchase of tokens from $100 to $5000, earn 130% PoS per year and deposit return
  3. Purchase of tokens from $5000 to $10000, earn 140% PoS per year and deposit return
  4. Purchase of tokens from $10000 to $30000, earn 150% PoS per year and deposit return
  5. Purchase of tokens from $30000 to $100000, earn 160% PoS per year and deposit return

There is a 1% fees when you replenish account balance. You can buy tokens for any amount from $100 to $100000. Based on the amount, you will be charged an annual percentage of Proof of Stake based on the following system: Staking charge will be daily.

Depending on the number of purchased tokens the PoS percentage in the first month ranges from 15 to 23% (see TOKEN PACKAGES).

As part of the Roadmap implementation, the expected growth of the token is x5-10 times. Before entering the exchange, the company buys the token at the rate on the day the partner's application is formed.

Referral Commissions

Personal Contribution
Team’s Turnover
$100 $0 6%
Silver Manager
$100 $3000 9%
Gold Manager
$100 $10000 12%
Platinum Manager
$300 $20000 15%
Diamond Manager 
$500 $50000 18%
Silver Director
$1000 $100000 21%
Gold Director
$2000 $250000 23%
Platinum Director
$4000 $500000 25%
Diamond Director
$6000 $1000000 27%
Silver Ambassador
$10000 $2500000 29%
Gold Ambassador
$20000 $5000000 31%
Platinum Ambassador
$40000 $10000000 32.5%
Diamond Ambassador
$80000 $20000000 34%
VIP Partner
$100000 $50000000 35.5%
$150000 $100000000 37%
To move to a new rank, your volume should not be concentrated on one partner. If your first line partner contains more of your structure’s turnover, you will not be able to advance to the next rank. From the 8th level, you are credited with an additional bonus of 20% of your income on the internal promo balance. It can be used to motivate your team.

Matching Bonus

This bonus is valid when a partner in your structure reaches the same rank as you. The Matching bonus will allow you to earn 10% of all partner bonuses in your structure with the same rank. If your partners overtake you in rank, the bonus received is reduced to 5%.

Office rental program for Leaders

Once a turnover of $50,000 has been reached, a leader can apply to open an Affluence office in their region. This program will make it easier for leaders to hold meetings with potential partners, and as a result, scale their structure faster, gaining new ranks and multiplying earnings.

How to deposit?

1. Click the "Wallet" button, and then click the "+Add Balance/Withdraw" button:

affluence.network investment

2. Choose the Payment Method, type into amount and click the Pay button to replenish money on balance:

affluence.network make money

3. Then click the "Buy" button to choose package, and click "Activate" button to complete investment:

affluence.network daily profit

Commercial Review

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