Torexo.com investment review: 0.4%-2.2% daily for 220 days

Torexo is a professionally designed investment program. It just launched registration function on 15th June. In fact, I knew this program one month earlier before its registration function opened, because it was already very hot at that time. So when it allowed registration, I did it the first time. Before registration, please be sure that you have a Telegram account, because you need to receive the 2FA code through Telegram bot each time you login/invest or withdraw. So don't forget to activate its Telegram bot after registration.

Register: https://torexo.com/area/sign-up?invitation=DfrVTmAzfo

Started: 2021-06-15

Investment Type: My personal choice

My Deposit: $1000

Investment Plans: 0.4%-2.2% daily for 220 days and principal included

Referral Commissions: linear bonus + binary bonus + career bonus

RCB: 100% (3% of your deposit amount)

Payment Options: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT (Erc20), USDT (Trc20)

Withdrawal Type: 120 hours to 8 days (Funds can be withdrawn once a week on Fridays)

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $20

Withdrawal Fees: 5%

Languages: ZH, EN, FR, IT, RU, ES, PT, VI

Company Registration: registered a UK company on 19 April 2021, which is called "TOREXO INSHURANCE LIMITED"

Support: Telegram Channel - Telegram Group - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube

torexo.com invest review

Investment products

Torexo Binary Invest

This is an investment product yielding 0.4% to 2.2% daily without the possibility of withdrawing the principal amount of the deposit and having a maturity of 220 calendar days. The affiliate program is based on binary marketing.

Torexo Line Invest

This is an investment product yielding 0.5 to 2% not allowing to withdraw the principal amount of the investment. The affiliate program is based on linear marketing.

Torexo Cloud Mining 

this is an investment product based on the possibility of renting cryptocurrencies mining capacities.

Torexo Tech

this is a targeted investment product whose earnings are used to purchase various household appliances.

Torexo Crypto Trading Bot

this is Torexo's own trading algorithm that enables each user to install and use it to generate profits by trading crypto assets.

Torexo Mining Coin

this is an investment product that enables an investor to generate profits by staking Torexo Coin (TXO) cryptocurrency.

Torexo Auto

this is a targeted investment product whose earnings are used to purchase a car.

Torexo Token

this is a valuable electronic unit issued by Torexo whose exchange rate is directly linked to the company’s investment activities.

Torexo Home

this is a targeted investment product whose earnings are used to purchase real estate.

Torexo Invest Matrix

legendary matrix marketing is back in business.

Torexo Invest Return

this is an investment product freezable for period of 1 to 12 months whose earnings and principal amount are paid upon its maturity.

Torexo Defi Token

own decentralized token.

Every month, new investment products will appear, designed for a specific target audience. A unique multi-level marketing model has been developed for each investment product, which will allow to achieve the most effective promotion to the market.

How to Deposit

1. Click the "Top up" button to replenish your balance:

torexo investment

2. Type into amount→choose payment options→click "top up" button:

torexo make money

3. Transfer money to the purse(2% fee), and click "Paid" button:

torexo official investment

4. Go back to your area and click the "to invest" button:

how to make money torexo

5. Click the Plus sign to meet your investment amount, and then click "Buy" button to complete.

torexo.com review


[June 2021] Torexo Binary Invest - Accrual of 0.4 to 2.2% per day without the possibility of withdrawing the principal amount of the deposit; the deposit maturity is 220 calendar days

[July 2021] Torexo Mobile APP - Mobile APP

[August 2021] Torexo Line Invest - Accrual of 0.5 to 2% per day without the possibility of withdrawing the principal amount of the deposit

[August 2021] Torexo Consult Center - Launch of the office program

[September 2021] Torexo Cloud Mining - Cloud cryptocurrency mining

[October 2021] Torexo Tech - Household appliances investment program

[November 2021] Torexo Coin/ICO - Our own cryptocurrency Torexo Coin (TXO) and Token Sale procedure for the partners of company.

[November 2021] Torexo Crypto Exchange - Launch of cryptocurrency exchange

[November 2021] Torexo Crypto Trading Bot - Cryptocurrency robot

[December 2021] Torexo Mining Coin - Collective mining with a possibility of TXO staking and therefore receiving investment income up to 2% per day

[December 2021] Torexo Auto - Investment car purchase program

[January 2022] Torexo Token - Token that grows daily

[February 2022] Torexo Home - Investment real estate purchase program

[March 2022] Torexo Matrix Invest - Legendary matrix marketing is back in business

[April 2022] Torexo Return Invest - Investment product with the deposit withdrawal at the end of the term

[May 2022] Torexo Defi Token - Launch of our own decentralized token

How does it work?

STEP 1: It is necessary to register on the site, just an email and its confirmation is enough

STEP 2: Get acquainted with investment products and make a choice

STEP 3: Top up your investment account in your personal account

STEP 4: Pay for an investment product and benefit from its declared profitability and use the capabilities of the linear program

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?

Registration on the Torexo Finance platform is available via an affiliate link only.

Want to change your email?

To change your account email, please write to support from your current email address linked to your account registered on the Torexo Finance platform. For security reasons, once a user has changed their registration email, any withdrawal of funds will be blocked for 7 days.

Adding a blockchain wallet address?

To ensure your safety, once a new blockchain wallet address has been added, withdrawals will be blocked for 3 days.

Depositing and withdrawing idle funds?

Deposits and withdraws on the Torexo Finance platform are made in BTC and ETH.

Internal transactions in the Torexo Finance platform, activations, licenses and settlements with users are made in TD, which is an internal accounting unit. 

When a withdrawal request is made, the Torexo Finance platform will convert TD into BTC or ETH and send the cryptocurrency to the user's blockchain wallet address. 

To withdraw funds, a valid address of your blockchain wallet must be specified in the Torexo Finance platform. You can specify the address in the section «Wallet» in your account page.

How do requests for withdrawing idle funds work?

Funds may be withdrawn every day. Minimum withdrawal is USDT 50 which is available in BTC and ETH. The withdrawal process takes from 120 hours to 8 days. If the «Quick Withdrawal» service is used, the withdrawal will take up to 72 hours. It is recommended that you do not cancel withdrawal requests unnecessarily once made. A cancellation may lead to re-creation of the request and increase the waiting time.

How to join an affiliate program?

To become a member of an affiliate program of the Torexo Finance platform, you need to make an investment and invite at least one new user who will invest at least $100 in your left or right binary branches.

Binary Reward?

The binary reward is calculated on a daily basis and depends on the size of the binary pair. The amount of the binary bonus depends on the grade of the user. The higher the grade, the greater % of the binary bonus is.

Referral bonus?

The structure of the program is 5 levels deep. The larger the partner's investment package, the more levels are available under the referral program.

Binary bonus limits?

The monthly limit of the binary bonus is $400,000. It is updated on the first day after the end of each reference month at 00:00 (UTC). 

Important: activating a binary pair (over the monthly binary bonus limit) will result in the binary points being written off.

Register: https://torexo.com/area/sign-up?invitation=DfrVTmAzfo

2021-07-26: Torexo minimum withdrawal amount has been decreased from $50 to be $20.

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      • hyiperTorexo minimum withdrawal amount has been decreased from $50 to be $20.