Can I make money from hyip?

This question confuses many HYIP investors from the first day when HYIP program appears. Now I copy some answers from online friends. Hope they can help to undertand HYIP more easily.

Answer from Kevin Monk:

Short version: Yes, you can, but the risks are high.

Long version:

The HYIPs are investment programs that promise high returns to investors, right?

Well, here is where logic kicks in and tells you ‘something is not right’. If it would be that easy, lots of people would be getting richer every day. Or a lot of people would get richer and then some kind of collapse would occur. Actually, that’s what usually happens, in case the worst case scenario doesn’t become a reality (the initiators of the scheme run away with the money).

Answer from Jeson Alvin:

Making money is possible from HYIP if you choose the right HYIP. To choose right HYIPs you must have to learn a little about HYIPs. Investing in HYIP is nothing but a different kind of gambling.

And as you know, the term of gambling is win or lose. But in HYIP, the term is win/lose/partial returns. So, if you lose 33% , win 33% and your partial returns are 33% then you’ll be in profit at last.

Answers from Anirudh Matta:

Yes definitely, you can make money from HYIP all you need to do is check carefully which one if fraud and which one is legit.

These are only part of answers I collected online, if you have more to supply, welcome to leave your comment below.

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