Be careful with scammers in Telegram group

Telegram groups play an important role in HYIP investment industry, because there are many investors in the group. If a program comes up with a problem, investors will report it in the group very fast. Especially for groups with thousands of investors, you can always get latest news there earlier than most hyip monitors and forums.

Telegram groups always open to everyone, even if you don’t invest the programs, you can also join there. So there are not only investors, but also scammers in the group. The scammers use the same avatar as official workers of the program which you invested, and then they send you private messages to cheat your money. Just look at the chatting picture below which I got from Telegram:

I need to introduce some backgrounds of the chatting picture above: the investor’s withdrawal was pending and he asked the admin to solve the problem in official Telegram group, then he was stared at by the scammers. So scammers pretended to be program admin and send private messages to him. You already see the trick in their chatting. The scammer let him deposited another 10 dollars to activate his pending withdrawal, of course, the scammer will give you his personal wallet to transfer the money, but not deposited on the official website directly.

Unfortunately, the result was that the investor lost 10 dollars to scammers. This is not an individual case, many HYIP newbies lost money in this way. So you should not trust anyone in HYIP industry, even they are real investors or admins, you should have your own judgment. In fact, you are the only person who should be responsible for your money.

Telegram groups can provide you timely news of the programs which I already said in first paragraph, so you should take full advantage of it, but only pay your attention to the real news and ignore the scammers who let you send extra money. Of course, not all hyip programs provide Telegram groups. If a program doesn’t have Telegram group and you have the ability to create one and have time to manage it, then you can create a group and invite members to join it, by the way, you can also ask the admin whether he or she can put your group link on their website, some admins may agree with your request and even send you some bonus.

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