Hit-and-run strategy in different hyip projects

The point of Hit-and-Run investment strategy is that an investor leaves a project immediately after receiving profit. There are no long-term deposits and reinvestments. An investor puts money for a minimum possible investment term and withdraws initial deposit with profit without reinvesting as quickly as possible. Generally, investors resorts to this strategy to guard against the risk of losing money in scam. In this study we try to find out where the Hit&Run strategy is useful and potentially successful. Now let’s see how well the strategy is working in different types of HYIPs.

Fasts. Hit-and-Run will be certainly successful at investing in fasts, on the long-term work of which you can hardly count. The investor will need to invest money for a day or two, then withdraw his profit and deposit and safely “run away” from the project. Convenient? Certainly. The main thing here is to be in time to enter as early as possible, ideally – at the start, and get out at the first opportunity.

Mid-interest and low-interest projects. investors can hardly run away quickly from these projects due to the long investment periods. When plans last for months, it is impossible to go prematurely and it is next to impossible to play Hit-and-Run to the point of having no loss.

The next moment to consider is where to get so much money for investment projects? As after leaving one project you are lured to enter another. Projects appear every day; there are more and more administrators, but only few worthy ones. That is, if you enter and leave a HYIP quickly, you have to wait for a new potentially interesting fast for the rest of the time. In the absence of new projects the investor can give up playing this strategy and return to the previously abandoned HYIP for one more cycle, which is not included in Hit-and-Run strategy.

So, using only Hit-and-Run strategy you have to wait most of the time, keeping funds available for investment in wallets. This does not happen, because in its pure form, few uses Hit-n-Run, more often they combine it with other strategies.

What money part can be invested at this strategy? It is obvious that it is not worth entering fasts with either the entire amount, or even half of it – remember about the risk diversification. It will be safer to allocate for it up to 10% from your investment.

Theoretically, Hit-and-Run strategy can bring from 3% a day, if you constantly jump from one fast to another. In practice, the picture is slightly different. Often, after leaving a high-interest project, the investor does not immediately find another fast for investment. Moreover, there is no guarantee that a new project would be better and not grow old immediately after your placing a deposit in it.

Pros of the strategy

1 Quick profits, high interest rates.
2 withdrawal from the project in the shortest time.

Cons of the strategy

1 The need to constantly search for new investment projects.
2 Mainly fasts are suitable for Hit-n-Run. Average-interestprojects give small income from Hit-and-Run, and you need to risk with large sums.
3 High risks (it is possible for a fast not to live a day).

Thus, hit-and-run strategy is not suitable for all HYIPs: often it is relevant for fasts and average-interest HYIPs with investment plans for up to a week. In this case you should pay greater attention to choosing HYIPs for investing.

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