What do you want to say about bitlegal.biz?

Hello, dear HYIP investors. Do you still remember bitlegal.biz? It just bought Standard listing on my website 3 days ago and provides medium term deposit plans, but when I withdrew yesterday, it already stopped paying. 

This program started on 05th Dec 2019, that is to say, it only paid online for 2 days, and then admin choose the close his program. All active investors lost money in this HYIP because investors can only break even after 13 days since their deposit with 8% daily profit.

Everyone knows that HYIP projects will scam faster when Christmas is nearby, but for bitlegal.biz, maybe it is too fast. I don't know the exact reason why admin do this. Did he already made a lot of money through bitlegal.biz? Or did he regret running this project when he saw lots of advertisement fee paid every day? I think it is impossible for admin to collect lots of money in such short periods, what's more, in such a short time, it is difficult for him to recover the cost.

So what is your opinion? Welcome to comment below.

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