Do not use Ripple wallet of Yobit.net

Yobit.net is a famous cryptocurrency exchange platform. Many crypto players use this platform to exchange crypto coins.

Two days ago, I transferred some Ripple coins to yobit wallet. But hours later, the money is still not added onto my wallet. Then I asked their tech support, they said that their Ripple wallet is under maintenance. This is their original answer below:

Thank you for contacting Yobit Support Team
Wallet  is on maintenance.
The solution to this cryptocurrency will take some time, need to update the wallet.
We apologize for any inconvenience

So if you need to exchange Ripple, don’t use the wallet of Yobit until the maintenance is completed.

Update on 20th April: today, my Ripple coins went to my wallet, that is to say, Yobit has completed their Ripple wallet maintenance. From now on, you can use it as usual.

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