How to invest in fast HYIPs?

Fast HYIPs are high-yield investment projects who provide high profit and short term investment plans, such as 103% after 1 day or 2% daily for 3 days.

In the case of HYIPs high profits mean the project goes scam or quickly closes, so it is important to adhere to certain tactics and rules of the game.

When to enter? When to deposit to fasts? Fierce statistics show that the HYIP, which are quickly closed, are more common than those that allow you to multiply your deposits 3 times as much, so you need to be in the 1st-2nd wave.

Remember that the summer is the least active time (people are on holidays, in cottage houses, outdoors, but not on the Internet), so HYIPs become more risky in the summer.

When to withdraw from the project? The HYIP to invest must look good, be advertised, and have a legend, SSL, and… in general, the admin has invested in it, and that costs need paying back.

You can count on 1-2 turnovers, but no longer.

It is better to withdraw from the HYIP on Thursday, as on Friday and weekend investors’ activity is reduced, and projects are often closed on the weekend.

Many projects have open statistics of deposits, which may give you additional food for thought

How much to invest in fasts? The bigger the interest, the less operation term, the less interest, the longer operation term of the HYIP, so the amount for them will be about the same. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest totally (and are morally ready to lose if something goes wrong). Now divide the sum in at least 3-4 equal parts for different HYIPs, one of which — for in the chosen fast.

Thus, despite such HYPs being potentially scam pyramids, you can earn good money. If you believe that you are able to learn and become a competent investor, you can pay attention to such projects. Despite all the risk, it is completely justified with high interest rates, which can be obtained with such a project. But do not forget that there are pure scam projects with interest, which cannot be provided even by a Ponzi scheme, like “500% in a minute / hour / day.” Also I advise not to invest too much money in a fast – more than $ 100 in one HYIP.

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