Which withdrawal mode do you like in HYIP programs? Manual, instant or automatical?

There are three withdrawal modes in HYIP programs. It is manual, instant and automatical. Then which one do you think is better? Before discussion, let me tell HYIP newbies what are the differences between them.

Manual withdrawal means that HYIP admins should process withdrawal requests manually and investors should wait for a while after they submit withdrawal requests, such as 24 hours, 48 hours or so. The time period depends on when HYIP admins will do it.

Instant withdrawal means that HYIP admins need to do nothing for withdrawal requests. When investors submit their requests, the money will go to their payment accountsimmediately or within several minutes. As long as there is nothing wrong with your ecurrency accounts or the program hosting, HYIP admins don’t need to make any operations. For example, Sonatabit.com and Tophats.farm both provide instant withdrawal functions.

Automatical withdrawal means that investors even don’t need to login their accounts to submit the withdrawal requets. When the profit generates, it will go to the payment account balance automatically by system.

In current HYIP industry, most HYIP programs provide manual withdrawal mode, several HYIP programs provide instant withdrawal mode, and only few programs provide automatical withdrawal mode.

For my part, all these three withdrawal types are the same and they do nothing good for the program life span, it means that withdrawal mode doesn’t affect how long a HYIP program will pay. But most investors like instant or automatically withdrawal mode, because they want to do nothing after investment.

No matter which withdrawal mode is the program, you shouldn’t forget to fill in your ecurrency accounts after registration. Or else, your withdrawal requets will not be processed.

At the end, I want to say that don’t care too much about which withdrawal mode the programs use. Only choose programs according to the program admins, quality of website design, profit plans, their promotion and so on.

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