Be careful with HYIP projects who launch bonus plans in half way

For HYIP promotion, different admins have different ways. But if they launch bonus plan in half way, then you should be careful and don't invest any more, especially when the bonus is very high.

Now let me take a project for example, it is the latest HYIP called bitforce.ac. nearly 24 hours ago, I received an email from bitforce.ac admin, the original content is as below:

From 18/10/2019 to 1/11/2019, Investors who invest more than USD 500, will receive a 25% Bonus !!! The Bonus is withdrawable, and the user can decide if he wants to add a bonus amount to deposit or withdraw it. Once your deposit is added to your account, 25% of the deposit amount added to your account balance. Your original deposit will remain unchanged. 

This process is automatic and available to all members who deposit via website BitForce .ac. Do not engage in any telegram chat who claim that from BitForce support staff. We will never send you a pm for any offers regarding BitForce and will never ask to deposit or send fund via telegram for any purpose. Be Aware and Be Safe, Make deposits and withdrawals via the website only.

Then less than 24 hours after the letter was published, the project stopped paying. From the content above, we can see that the bonus is 25%, what's more, it is credited to your account balance directly and you can withdraw. I don't know if anyone is fooled.

But frankly speaking, Bitforce.ac is already a high quality HYIP project in current depression stage, because it provided 5% daily and paid for 30 days, that is to say, all early investors made money from it. The admin said that he would buy 1920px banner when the first launched, but finally, he did't buy. I am looking forward for his next great program.

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