Choose Facebook promoters according to your investment plans and their past work

Facebook has the largest amount of members in social websites, so some HYIP admins choose to give Facebook promoters bonus to let them post programs in groups or timeline.

But not all HYIP programs are suitable for such a method. For example, if a program provide “principal included” plan, like “8% daily for 20 days and principal not returned in the end”. Then you’d better not use Facebook promoters, because almost all of them won’t reinvest your principal and will not promote for you when their investment cycle expires. If your plan is “principal back”, such as “1% daily for 10 days and principal back to balance in the end”, then you don’t need to worry, because the principal is still in your program system, and most of them will not withdraw.

There are many so-called HYIP promoters on Facebook, but most of them will not provide quality work. I will not discuss their referral results because there are many factors that determine whether a member will invest or not. But it is important that they should post programs or comments daily for make it up in groups or timeline. In fact, if you hire them several times, you will know that they don’t post your programs daily, maybe only several days a time. Such action can’t guarantee the exposure of your programs among Facebook users.

Facebook promotion is important for HYIP programs, because there are many investors there. But you should choose the promoters according your investment plans. At the same time, you should check promoters’ timeline or let them send you last posts proof in Facebook groups before paying them money.

Some Facebook promoters may guarantee that they will reinvest principal when investment plan expires, but I advise you not to trust them, because things will be different when their plan really expires. Let me give you a suggestion: if you really need to try some Facebook promoters, then only give them the smallest bonus to try whether they are trusted or untrusted.

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