EVSSL and company certificates in HYIP industry

EVSSL and company certificates are commenly used in HYIP industry. Investors can see a green address bar if the website installs an authorized EVSSL. The green address bar builds customers trust and increases rate of conversion. For company certificates, they always wins investors’ trust, so some programs may register more than one company.

Compared with other costs for building a HYIP program, the price for the certificates is not expensive. According to HYIP provider of Besthyiptemplate, if you buy UK company and EVSSL certificates together, it will be 360-399 dollars totally. But it is only UK company certificate, if you need other countries’, it will be a little expensave, such as US Incorporation company, or Hong Kong company, their price goes up to $1700 and $2590 respectively.

Of course, the certificates are real registered and you can check their authenticity online. But it is inevitable that some cheap HYIPs or poor admins will use others’ company certificates, it is not difficult to do this, because all company names and certificates are public and anyone can search that. For EVSSL certificate, it is impossible to use others’, because there is a secret key and can be only installed on the server for one time.

Just as I wrote above, you can buy these two certificates from BHT(https://besthyiptemplate.com). So if HYIP admins think that they are necessary for programs, they should spend some money to purchase. Under normal conditions, it will take two weeks to register them. Of course, you should give a company name to the provider and let them registered for you.

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