HYIP admins should be careful with scam promoters or monitors

After building HYIP website,  hyip admins should choose some hyip promoters or monitors to promote their investment programs online for offline and this is an very important work for HYIP admins. Because promoters and monitors is the link between your programs and investors.

If you are not the first time to build HYIPs, then you must know how to choose. But if you are the first time to run HYIPs, then you should be careful when choosing HYIP promoters or monitors. As a rule in HYIP industry, all monitors and promoters should reinvest the principal so that they can know whether the program is paying or not. But some of them won’t reinvest your principal, especially for such plans, “8% daily for 20 days”, because principal is already included in daily payout and they just withdraw all of them, when their plan expires, some of them are more likely not to reinvest. Of course, most trusted monitors will reinvest in the end.

Then which monitors or promoters won’t reinvest? For example, facebook promoters, most of them will not reinvest if principal is included in daily payout, so if your program has such plans, you’d better not cooperate with facebook promoters. Some facebook promoters even created more than one facebook account to ask for promotional fees from HYIP admins, the promotional effect is not good. The most important is that they won’t post your program every day, they just post every several days.

For monitors, you should stay away from hyipstop.com and hyipexplorer.com monitors, together with Secure-Investment.Net. They never reinvest for “principal included in daily profit” plans. Of course, there are other untrusted monitors or promoter in hyip industry, if you know more, welcome to comment below to let more people know and thank you for information.

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  1. hyiperThis HYIP blog is very helpful and clears my concept. Thank you for your comprehensive guide. It’s so useful for beginners. Thanks for sharing…