Which hosting should I choose when building HYIP projects?

A trusted hosting provider is necessary if you want your project to run smoothly online and stay away from hacker attacks. When you build your own HYIP project the first time, maybe you don’t know which hosting to choose. In this article, I will tell you a hosting provider which is frequently used in HYIP industry. It is called Geniusguard.

Open its website, and click the “SERVICES” button, you will find “HYIP Hosting”. Yes, it is obvious that this service is specifically for HYIP admins. Geniusguard offers highly professional DDoS protected HYIP hosting packages. They provide their clients with a wide range of DDoS protected hosting services for HYIP, Surf, MLM, Cycler and any financial business. If you search for good standing DDoS protected HYIP hosting service to run safe business, you are in true place.

They provide six types of HYIP hosting. The Price is $29.99, $79.98, $179.98, $279.98, $479.98 and $779.98 monthly. You can choose according to your financial status. Except the first one $29.98 hosting, all other five hosting support SSL certificate and dedicated IP. Of course, you can upgrade your hosting anytime you want. For example, you buy the $29.99 hosting first, but you find that you are not satisfied with its speed and want to upgrade to the $79.98 one, no problem, you should only fill the price margin. It is just so easy. But remember that you can't downgrade your hosting. For example, you want your hosting changed from $79.98 to $29.99? then it is impossible.

By the way, Geniusguard offers discount for its old customers. Buy one service and get 20% OFF coupon for next order. Receive 20% OFF coupon with any order placed without discount code.

So what do you think? Will you choose Geniusguard when you build HYIP projects?

Finally, I want to remind you that, if your website is DDOS attacked by hackers, don't give them money and you should contact your hosting provider for help.  

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