Onlinebitz.net may not provide services after payment

Onlinebitz.net is a HYIP investment blog which provides program reviews for admins. Two of my friends who operated HYIP programs regularly reported that Onlinebitz is an untrusted investment blog.

One of my friend negotiated with Onlinebitz owner and he agreed that the cost is $100 for an article review, together with a video review. But after my friend paid him, Onlinebitz owner just did nothing but put my friend’s IP into blacklist and he can’t open Onlinebitz website any more. Of course, there is no article or video review published in next months, he just kept silent and didn’t reply message with my friend’s money. I can say nothing but he lost more than $100, because my friend is a regular HYIP admin.

In my opinion, if we receive customer’s money, then we should completed the services as promised as soon as possible. We should be honest, but Onlinebitz didn’t do this.

Another HYIP admin reported that Onlinebitz owner registered four mutual referred accounts to get referral commissions after he paid for review fee. This is very untrusted, because monitors or blogs shouldn’t have upline if they got advertisment fee from HYIP admins. Also, for better promotion to part of programs, Onlinebitz often hides some programs views to give others more exposure on his blog.

I am not familiar with Onlinebitz owner, but I hope he can correct such untrusted behaviors in the future, just treat all customers honestly and fairly, or else he will lost more than he cheated.

HYIPer.net » Onlinebitz.net may not provide services after payment

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  1. hyiper100% Agreed. I faced same problem as I already paid fees to onlinebitz admin