How to promote HYIP programs on forums?

If you don’t know where to promote HYIP programs, then you can try to use forums. Because there are many HYIP investors and admins surfing forums every day, especially famous HYIP forums.

(1) You can create topics for your HYIP

If your program is not listed on the forums yet, then you can create a topic for it to make it public. Because each program can only be reviewed once on a forum, don’t create repeated topics. Also keep in mind that you should follow the forum rules for creating topics, or else, your account may be blocked forever.

(2) You can comment with your opinion or payment proofs

If the program which you promote is already in the forum, then you can comment with your daily payment proof, or your personal view about it. So that more HYIP investors or admins will know you or communicate programs with you. Some forums don’t allow links in comments, so check the comment rules before posting.

(3) Design your signature

Almost all HYIP forums allow people to edit signature. So we can add promotional links or words into the signature and all memebers will see it when you create topics or comment. It will be more effective for your promotion. Some forums only allow members to add signature once the amount of their comment is more than 10 or so, but some forums allow such action right after your registration.

Last but not least, most forums have language requirements. For example, if they only allow Russian language, then you can only create topics or comment in Russian; if they only allow English language, then you can create topics or comment in English. If you break this rule, then your topics will be deleted or your account will be blocked.

In a summary, forum promotion is still very important in HYIP industry. It will help you to make your program more public and find more friends online.

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