How to build HYIP investment websites?

HYIP investment industry is not so much huger than forex market. But there are still thousands of investors or hyip admins across the world. So if you are excellet enough, you can still earn more than $1000 easily every month. In this article I write something about building hyip programs.

Then how to build a HYIP investment program? I think many hyip investors want to know about this. But at the same time, such information is hard to find on the internet, especially the really useful information about buliding HYIPs. In fact, such information always comes from losing money in early stage, because you will spend lots of money to testify the scripts, hosting or template providers and so on. If you are reading this article now, then you are lucky, as I am telling you this for free. For the price of each service I write about, it maybe not so much accurate, so if you want to know the exact price, you can go to search on each website I tell you in this article.

First, you need a domain with privacy

You can register a domain from Godaddy(godaddy.com) and then use their whois guard privacy service. This two cost is cheap, maybe $15-30.

Second, you need a HYIP script

For now, there are mainly two HYIP scripts, they are Goldcoder(goldcoders.com) and H-script(h-script.com). Most hyip admins use Goldcoders script, because it is much easier to set up all available function, especially for hyip newbies. Its price is $140-160.

Third, you need a hosting provider

After asking from my HYIP admin friends, they mainly use hosting from Geniusguard(geniusguard.com). Their support is always fast when you have problems with your hosting. They have hosting specific for HYIP programs and the price is reasonable, starting from $30-780 per month.

Fourth, you need a website template or certificates to make your program look more professional

For example, you need to buy a beautiful website template, one or more company certificates, EVSSL green digital certificate and so on. For the price, the template starts from $300-1200, EVSSL together with company certificate is $360-400 totally. Of course, if you only plan to open rubbish programs, then you won’t need them, but all investors won’t invest HYIP programs with rubbish appearance, including me. You can buy these services from BHT(besthyiptemplate.com).

Fifth, you need to promote your HYIP programs from HYIP monitors, forums, blogs and so.

In fact, this fifth part will spend you more money than the first four parts totally, because the first four services are one-time fee. But for fifth service, such as HYIP monitos, you will give their advertisement fee every day until your program scams.

All services above is the cost of opening a HYIP investment program. Do you think it is expensive? Or how much money will you prepare for open one? But I know an online friend who opens several HYIP programs each year. For now, each time he opens a program, he will prepare for at least $50,000-70,000. Of course, as far as I know, most of his programs survice for at least half a year, no matter short-term or long-term investment plans, he makes money every year in HYIP industry. In fact, opening HYIP investment programs is his full-time job now.

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