Reinvestment Rules of MNO blog

If you are a regularly investor or admin in HYIP industry, I think you must know MNO blog which is a famous personal HYIP investment blog. In this article, I will tell HYIP admins something about its reinvestment rules.

Most HYIP monitors or blogs will reinvest the principal always to monitor the paying status of the HYIP projects. But some monitors or blogs just won’t reinvest although they promise to do that, such as Secure-investment, Hyipexplorer or hyipstop.

But for MNO blog(money-news-online.com), it already claimed this to HYIP admins on the advertisement page, see it below:

We can see that he only promised to reinvest part or all of principal in the end. Of course, in fact, he will only reinvest small part of principals. For example, he might only reinvest the minimum amount for next cycles, such $10 or $20. One of my friends bought listing on MNO blog maybe 4-5 years ago, when the first investment cycle expires, admin of MNO blog only reinvest $20 into his program, because the minimum deposit amount should not be less than $20 in his program. For another example, if the investment plan is “0.15% hourly for termless and principal can release after 24 hours”, then MNO admin will only reinvest the minimum deposit amount and cash out all other principal into his wallet.

At the same time, the advertisement fee is higher and higher year by year.

Finanlly, the most important reason is that promotion results is not good for most programs.

So these are the three reasons why MNO blog has less and less programs listed there during past two years: minimum reinvestment+high cost+not good promotion.

Of course, MNO blog is still a good HYIP blog for HYIP admins and he already make it clear on their website that the reinvestment amount will be assigned at his sole discretion.

I write this article just because many HYIP admins don’t know the reinvestment rules on MNO blog, so that it may cause some misunderstanding each time most of the principal was cashed out by admin of MNO blog.

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