Something about Hyipexplorer.com reinvestment rules

Hyipexplorer.com is a HYIP monitor and has been online since 2004, already 15 years till now. In this article, I will write something about its reinvestment rules, especially for HYIP admins.

For example, if your investment plan returns principal in the end, then you don’t need to worry about the reinvestment, because principal will be returned into balance when it expires, such as “1% daily for 10 days and principal back”.

But if your plan doesn’t return principal in the end, then Hyipexplorer.com will not reinvest your principal more likely, such as “8% daily for 20 days and principal included”. Of course, admin will not delete your program or change status, he just continues to list your program on his website and gives it paying status until other monitors change your program status.

So if you are a HYIP admin, you should know this about Hyipexplorer.com. In fact, Hyipexplorer.com is still a good monitor in HYIP industry after so many years operation, that is the reason why so many HYIP admins still choose its listing.

As a matter of fact, if the investment plans don’t return principal in the end and your program plans for a long survival, then you can choose Hyipexplorer.com, because you don’t need to give his profit every day. Such as “8% daily for 15 days and principal included”, if your program can survive for 300 days, and you can pay only $200 principal and $40 profit for the first cycle, totally $240 for a whole year. But if Hyipexplorer.com reinvested after first cycle completed, then you have to pay his daily profit cycle and cycle again, the money will be more than not reinvestment.

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