Key features of successful HYIP projects

The HYIP industry is a very dynamic environment where even the most seemingly insignificant factors affect projects’ operation. There is always a topical issue for investors of how to recognize a promising HYIP at the launch stage. After all, it’s no secret that many top projects have common features which together can be called a success formula that can work under certain circumstances.

Smooth start. Most successful projects are very careful about the issue of launching. Well, the successful start of a new HYIP is not a high-sounding opening with fireworks and merriment. As practice shows, TOP HYIPs start very modestly and often have a long “partisan” period in their development.

Working Marketing. One of the main components of a new HYIP’s success is tariff plans. Investment plans for successful projects

1) are attractive to investors and

2) do not burden the project cash account.

Many admins go the wrong way and try to promise more to bribe investors with their generosity. There are, of course, exceptions to the rules when great interest becomes real due to skillful project management, but there are few of them. By and large, jokers in the pack work well. Here works the rule ‘slow but steady wins the race.’

In addition to the adequacy of marketing, it is worth paying attention to other factors that make the cash account empty. The HYIP budget can be depleted by in an affiliate program with 10% + reward or huge spending on advertising without a sufficient increase in investment activity in the project.

Competent promotion. Investments are the vital resource of any HYIP. The flow of deposits must be stable and intensive. There has been no single successful project, which has not invested huge funds in promotion from the start. The more advertising is at launching a new HYIP, the more reduced are the project’s chances to work well. After all, if you immediately send the maximum flow of funds onto the project’s cash account, then how to keep it buoyant further? Investing excessive amounts in the HYIP at the project start leads to the need to pay large rewards to investors, and it is almost impossible to do this at the start. Therefore, the HYIP goes scam.

Aiming at development. A new HYIP which looks like cat’s pyjamas from the start with everything inclusive just does not stand a chance of success. Where can the project develop further if it has a multilingual content, a huge selection of deposit methods, a high-end technical part, all existing social media groups and all other features? The admin has nothing to do but collect the money and put up the shutters. The development of projects is necessary to attract more and more new investors. If not to show his interest in improving the project, the admin can at least connect new languages and payment systems, which will expand the audience of users.

Original approach. One of the main rules is that the TOPs always have their own zest. New HYIPs do not have to be pioneers in anything, the main thing is to offer investors something interesting and catchy — faceless projects remain in the backyard of the HYIP industry.

Reasonable Affiliate Reward. It is another element of promotion. It should be evaluated inseparably with the project marketing. In the first place, affiliate reward of more than 15% creates a large payment load on a project (especially in fasts), and secondly, all kind of partners are actively involved in advertising in the pursuit of profits, which could spoil the plans of any administrator.

Standard affiliate comission is 7-10%. If the figure is higher, look at the profitability of the project. Too high yield in both plans and partnership remuneration should get you make specific conclusions.

Custom Written / Licensed Script. The custom written script may require large investments from admin. But more often admins save on this. Details about prices on the script and design can be found in our article on HYIP scripts topic.

Here we only note that even if you take the standard Gold Coders script or H-Script, it should be licensed at minimum. Check licenses on official websites selling these scripts. experienced investors look at the script and often give comments on forums and on blogs, if it is not licensed.

Summarizing, we can say one thing — there is no working formula, which will 100% predetermine the success of a new HYIP. Too many factors affect the project capacity, and sometimes they do not depend on their creators. And although it is extremely difficult to predict the appearance of a future TOP project, it is really possible to identify projects that do not expect special success.

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