How to promote HYIP programs through blogs?

In last two articles, I already wrote how to promote HYIP programs on Facebook and my investment blog. I hope these two articles are helpful to you. Now I will write something about HYIP promotion through blogs.

There are two tyles of blogs you can use. One is free blogs, such as Google blogspot; the other is your paid blog, you should buy domain and hosting to build your blogs. You can choose one or both according to your financial status and how much spare time you have, because running a personal blog needs some time.

For Google blogspot, you can create without any cost as long as you have Gmails, then you can post your programs on these blogs. But remember that you’d better not copy and paste, because Google hates pirated article, so it is better to write your own articles. Of course, don’t forget to share your article links to your Facebook to let more people read it.

For your personal investment blog, you should pay some money for the domain and hosting. But it will not cost you too much, maybe $100 is enough for a blog. After your blog is established, you have to spend much time to write program reviews and its latest news. The same like Google blogs, you should also share it to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

For the personal blog, it requires you to have much spare time spend on the writing work. So if you are busy in your daily work, you’d better use the free Google blog, as it already has evaluation weights on Google officially.

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