Be careful when you buy listing on hyipstop.com

Hyipstop.com is a HYIP monitor which started in 2013. Already nearly 6 years till now, but you should know that it is not a trusted monitor. The admin always keep the advertisement fee and not reinvest after hyip admins buy listing on his website.

During the past five years, there are at least three HYIP admins reported to me that hyipstop.com didn’t reinvest when they paid listing on his website. The hyipstop admin only wrote fake investment data on his monitor, for example, the HYIP admins bought $100 listing, according his listing rules, he should reinvest $100. But in fact, he didn’t reinvest at all. Although you will find his deposit is $100 on his website, it is a fake investment data.

So don’t buy listing on his monitor online directly. If HYIP admins really need his fake monitor to add your program, then you can add bonus to his registered account, then freeze the principal withdrawal function and only let him withdraw daily profit or referral commissions.

By the way, if you are HYIP investors, you’d better not invest from his website, or else, your RCB will not be paid more likely.

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