How to promote HYIP programs on Facebook?

Promotional skills are very important in HYIP industry, because it can help you to make more money but only with small investment amount. In this section, I will tell you how to promote HYIP programs on Facebook.

As we all know, in current social websites, Facebook has the largest amount of users worldwide. So as a HYIP promoter, this is the best place for us to promote our programs for free.

First, you should have at least one Facebook account. Then you should add 5-10 new friends every day until the amount of your friends reaches 3,000. Also, you should add more quality Facebook groups which permit you to post referral links. Each group should have at least 1,000 members. In fact, you don’t need to add groups daily if you have 3,000 friends, because they will invite you to new groups almost every day.

Apart from adding new friends and groups, you’d better create a personal Facebook page. It is also your official page, so you should update more valuable HYIP news here. You can also attract more followers to your page with Facebook advertisement system, but it is a paid service. So you can try the ads system only if your financial situation allows.

Untill now, we have three ways to promote programs, namely your Facebook friends, groups and your personal page. You should post useful info daily there to to make your programs get more exposure. But remember that don’t use “tag” functions too often when you post on your timeline, because it may offend others and they they report your account.

You should communicate with friends who want to ask you questions or share HYIP programs with you, so that they will pay more attention to your programs.

Last but not least, you should register a Facebook account with your real name and phote, because they will verify your ID and photo in the new future. So don’t register with fake data, or else your account maybe forbidden if you failed in upcoming verification.

That is what I want to tell you about how to promote HYIP programs on Facebook. I hope you can make more money there. If you have more skills to share with others, welcome to comment below.

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