HYIP admins shouldn’t believe most monitors’ promise

HYIP admins always want to find monitors or blogs which can provide efficient promotions. But it is a pity that most HYIP monitors can’t provide satisfied promotion results and this fact is already known by experienced admins. So don’t trust what they promise to you.

For example, they may say that they can bring many investors to you in only several days, or their monitors have thousands of visitors every day. But as a matter of fact, what they said is always a lie. Because you should know thousands of fake visitors data only cost several dollars a week. If their monitors or blogs really have thousands of visitors per day, then there is no need for them to beg you to pay advertisment fee.

Some monitor or blog admins even promise that if they can’t bring investors within first week, they will give back all or part of the advertisement fee to you. Don’t trust this, because they won’t refund you at all even if there is no one registered under their link.

In fact, if a HYIP program provide long term investment plans, more than 80% monitors can’t bring investors in first weeks or months. Of course, for quality HYIP monitors or blogs, they can bring investors with high RCB offers. But generally speaking, long term plans always less attractive to investors, unless the promotion has a professionally designed website and very hot promotion.

So for new HYIP admins, don’t image that monitors or blogs can bring you huge investors in short period, just operate your program well and keep it to pay for a long time. Length of survival is the best way to improve the quality of your program.

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